Garages & Barns for Sale

Garages and barns are some of the hardest working buildings around, protecting your valuable belongings while enhancing your landscape. Investing in quality garages and wooden barns for sale here, will pay off for years.

Solid Construction

A dependable building starts with quality materials. Eastern white pine and Eastern hemlock, both Vermont natives, are two of the most reliable choices. Light yet strong, Eastern white pine is ideal for constructing durable frames. High-grade Eastern hemlock is similarly strong and wear-resistant.

The timber is kiln dried to ensure a stable end product that’s free from warping or bowing. Rough sawn lumber is chosen for its superior strength and rigidity compared to finished lumber. Our barn and garage building kits are designed with sturdy post and beam framing to easily stand up to the high winds and heavy snow common in New England.

The warm, rugged look of rough sawn native Vermont timber and the classic post and beam design combine to give these garages and wooden barns for sale a rustic appeal that perfectly fits the traditional New England aesthetic.

Efficient construction and material sourcing processes mean you can have all this at the lowest price* anywhere, guaranteed.

Versatile Functionality

Because no two households are the same, you need outbuildings that will meet your specific needs. If you’re housing a smaller vehicle such as a compact tractor or ATV, our one-bay garage building kits might be enough. For multiple or larger vehicles and equipment, our two-, three- or four-bay wood garage kits will let you keep everything safe conveniently under one roof.

The large open space above these garages and barns can be turned into a bunkhouse for guests or even a comfortable furnished studio apartment for longer stays.

When built from quality materials using traditional techniques, your wooden barn kits or wood garage kits will be durable and attractive enough to give you decades of reliable use.

*See Terms & Conditions page for details about our lowest price guarantee policy