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Chicken Coops Models

Protect your chickens from predators and the elements. Perfect for the backyard or your own funny farm, plus what’s better than unlimited fresh eggs? Your flock will thank you!

Hardware Shed

This isn’t your average Hardware Shed. Featuring an arched doorway, asymmetrical roof and plenty of light, this is the ideal shed for someone who likes style and functionality with a purpose.
Size Range:

8X8 Chicken Coop

Built to fulfill your EGG-spectations, our Chicken Coop is built with imPECKable quality, CHICK out of some of the many features that will help protect your flock!
Size Range:

5X10 Chicken Coop

Protect your alarm CLUCKS and ensure their HENdurance from predators and mother nature with this comfortable and classy 5×10 Chicken Coop.
Size Range:

4X6 Chicken Coop

The perfect place to raise a flock or keep a steady supply of fresh eggs, this sturdy and aesthetically pleasing 4×6 Chicken Coop has all of the features ready for your backyard hobby.
Size Range:

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