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5on Google,Jul 29, 2022


Very friendly and knowledgeable Melissa showed us all the shed/tiny houses answered every question we had. Craftsmanship is outstanding, can't wait for our delivery in October. Dog friendly to, it was super hot and they gave our dog a bowl of cold water

5on Google,Jul 27, 2022


The delivery of our 10 x 12 New Yorker shed went smoothly and it was placed on blocks in the selected location. Everything was completed for use including the ramp. The delivery driver/installer was friendly and efficient. I was amazed at the remote controlled trailer that the shed arrived on and allowed exact placement. Overall very pleased with the quality of the shed and the delivery.

5on Google,Jul 27, 2022


We love our shed! We have only good things to say about Jamaica Cottage Shop; from the ease of website for viewing inventory; responsive customer service; detailed instructions; and very helpful delivery driver who made sure everything was level and working properly. The shed is top quality materials and workmanship and looks amazing! We highly recommend them for any building needs!

5on Google,Jul 23, 2022


Great-looking product and easy to put together!

5on Google,Jul 22, 2022


A great experience with Jamaica Cottage. We ended up building the shed. The company delivered the lumber and all supplies. I think what was most impressive was their customer service. We had a couple hiccups with our project and they came to our rescue, continued to provide support, and ensured our project would be successful. When it came time to stain the shed, they even connected us with a stain expert to ensure we were using the right product for our part of the country. Most importantly, their sheds are unique and stand out from the competition. We are getting many compliments from our neighbors.

5on Google,Jul 21, 2022


I received the plan that I had ordered and was very happy with the way the plans are set out. Tour company is what I expect as a native. The Vermont way.

5on Google,Jul 20, 2022


Great experience!

Recommendedon Facebook,Jul 19, 2022


We purchased the Gibraltar -12X20, We are so happy with this shed, looks like a home and not a box. My neighbors & friends love it and are looking into purchasing as well. Delivery was on time and 2 boards missing. Jamaica Cottage gave us a credit and we purchased the missing piece.

5on Google,Jul 18, 2022


My husband needed a few questions answered on installing fascia and shadow trim for a shed he is building from scratch. My husband is NOT a Jamaica Cottage Shop customer. Joe Lupiani took my husband's call and answered his questions immediately. He even sent him a detailed document via email explaining the process, all without charging a fee and all with knowing he is not a paying customer. If we ever need to purchase anything in the future that this company can offer, you can bet your bottom dollar, we will! What a great first impression from Jamaica Cottage Shop! Joe, YOU ROCK!!

Recommendedon Facebook,Jul 14, 2022

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5on Google,Jul 13, 2022


Excellent service from start to finish. We purchased a shed that had already been built and was on their lot. They quoted about 6 weeks for delivery but offered to come sooner when a spot opened up and we accepted. The delivery was incredibly professional and thorough and the technician took the time to ensure that it was placed perfectly, leveled and did a walk-through at the end to make sure everything was lined up and level. Could not have asked for more. The quality of the building is excellent, rough hewn lumber, solid design and well built. It is very obvious that they take pride in their product and service. They say you get what you pay for, but with this company I feel like you get just a little bit more.

Recommendedon Facebook,Jun 24, 2022


So this company makes a really nice product, and they have impressive equipment for delivery of their product. I'd like to give you fair warning of their business practices. Let me start by saying that I'm not leaving this review out of spite, I simply want to ensure that no one else steps on a land mine, as we did. We watched every YouTube video under the sun for months from Jamaica Cottage Shop. We were very impressed. We visited Jamaica Cottage Shop of three separate occasions, and we finally decided that we would get our first of three cabins with them. We sat down with a woman at JMC, and I believe here name was Patty. Patty was very kind, and very informative. We explained what we wanted, and where we needed it delivered. We explained that the road was unimproved, but passable in a Toyota Carola. We were assured that the delivery team specialized in exactly this type of thing, and were more than up to the task. Our confidence boosted, we went ahead, and placed our order. In the weeks leading up to delivery I spent my weekends cutting a driveway into the property, and ordering truck loads of crushed stone ( on triaxle trucks) to improve the driveway. The morning of delivery, me and my younger brother got up around 5am, and started the three hour drive north. We wanted to be well ahead of delivery, and we were, luckily. That morning, on the way up, we decided to call JCS dispatch, and check the drivers ETA. When on the phone with dispatch, I recommended that the driver avoid Griffin rd, as it is a rutted dead end, that GPS, will tale you down. I also offered to meet the driver at the bottom of Piperhill road, and lead him in. Unfortunately the driver never got the info from dispatch, and ended up on Griffin road. The JCS dispatched reached out to us, and explained what the driver was seeing, and we knew right where he was, so we went and found him, we helped him turn around, and head back out to the main road, to our property. No harm, no foul. Once on the main road it took maybe ten minutes to get to our property, where the road dead ends in a fair sized turn around. (Large enough for a triaxle dump truck) This is where it starts to go sideways. The driver was attempting to line up his trailer with our driveway, so he could back the trailer straight in, and he decided to pull off of the road, into high grass, where he got himself properly stuck. The poor guy tried everything he could to get unstuck, but in the end, it just made things worse. At this point, I offered to go back out to cell service, and call his company, to have a recovery truck sent out, to which he replied, "What ever, I guess". So me and my younger brother hopped back into my pickup, and did just that. JCS dispatch apologized for the inconvenience, and sent a truck out. Me and my brother went back up to the property, to inform the driver. We asked the driver if he needed anything, or wanted to drive back into town with us to wait, but he declined. Me, and my brother went back to our hotel room, and waited for news. We finally got a call later that night, around 830pm informing us that the delivery was completed. The next day we went up, fully expecting that the delivery was in the road, and that is understandable, what we did not expect was the condition of the pallets. The pallets were so badly damaged that they could not even be dragged up the driveway with my truck, so we had to break them down, and drive them up, one load at a time. Very time consuming, but I chalked it up to simple bad luck, and a stressful situation for the driver. Things however got much worse, when my neighbors arrived on there property to find that their driveway, ditching, and lawn were badly damaged by an unknown vehicle. This was brought to my attention, and I was baffled. I certainly didn't unhitch his gate, go past his "No Trespassing sign" and turn around twice on his lawn, but someone did, and very recently. Judging by the duel tire marks, and convenient angle neighbors driveway in relationto the stuck vehicle, either one truck trespassed onto the neighbors property, and turned around in two separate areas, or two trucks trespassed, and turned around once. ( A mystery for the ages ) My neighbor was justifiably upset, because he has family coming to the property for forth of July, and his driveway, and lawn are wrecked. I called JCS, and explained the situation, and to my total shock, they attempted to deflect responsibility totally, by saying they were not notified about road conditions. ( which is untrue ) After a few days of calls, and emails JCS said that if I were to send them receipts for delivery of materials, they would refund my. In return I offered to hand rake, and compact the stone, repair the lawn, seed, and hay. At this point, I am a little untrusting of their promises, so I get a quote done to repair with a local contractor, and send it to JCS. Unsurprisingly JCS was willing to cover 425.00 of the 1400.00 bill. I summarized to them in email like this. "You illegally trespassed on someone's property, out of convenience, damaged the property, and you want me to pay 1000.00, and landscape for a day, while you pay 425.00? Does that seem right to you?" To which they responded "............". I further pressed the issue, trying to smooth this entire thing over, and was basically ignored. So, if you learn anything from my misfortune, I hope it is that Jamaica Cottage Shop will not do the right thing when it really counts. Friendly people, good product, but that's about all I can say.

5on Google,Jun 03, 2022


Worked with Frances on the lot picking out a 8x10 Vermonter Shed. She was helpful and picked a great shed out for me. Shilo in logistics answered all my questions curtiously and was very helpful with scheduling. Matt the delivery driver set up the shed with professionalism, accuracy and attention to detail. Will be back for some tiny house soon.

5on Google,May 27, 2022


They make amazing cabins, utility buildings, and tiny houses. They have a great variety of designs and build quality small buildings, which they also sell as kits.

5on Google,May 25, 2022


Great quality, quick delivery, good follow up from the office!

5on Google,May 23, 2022


Great service and fun to put together and looks great in new patio garden

4on Google,May 14, 2022


Great show yard alot to see and walk thru

5on BBB,May 11, 2022


Received what was promised and the value was there. Thank You!

5on Google,May 09, 2022

Jean “JeannS”

Bought the Dollhouse at 8' x 8' for a little getaway project. Now fully insulated with a Lloyd bio-ethanol fireplace. It's cozy and just about the neatest little cabin in Bennington County, Vermont. I wanted to use it for my writing projects and that has worked out far better than I ever thought. I want people to see it can be much more than a "shed." I spend many hours here. No plumbing, No electricity but I do have a small Jackery Power station which is fine for when I need the lights on. Never give up on your dream of having a cabin or camp like this, only bigger of course. "Adventure is not in the Guidebook and Beauty is not on the map---seek and yea shall find." -----anonymous

5on Google,May 06, 2022


Love looking at all your buildings. Hope to purchase one soon. Thank you

5on Google,Apr 30, 2022


Very nice buildings at great prices!

Recommendedon Facebook,Apr 28, 2022

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