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Outhouses Models

Whether you are you living off grid, remotely, in a tiny house, camper, or any other situation in which plumbing is problematic doing your duty doesn’t have to be. We offered three main types of toilets. Toilet outhouses, composting toilet, and a dry flush toilet. Go old-school with a traditional small wooden outhouse. Functional toilet outhouse kits are easy to build and include a functional hopper, bench with seat, and an solid pine door with moon cut out.

Working Outhouse

Save space inside your off-grid tiny house or camp and enjoy the sounds of nature while doing your business in our of our ready-to-install Working Outhouse designs.
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Outhouse Shed

A small footprint with a big heart. Perfect for a composting toilet to save space outside of your tiny home or camp; or storage with for your yard tools, sports equipment or gardening supplies.
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