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Product Warranty Information


Jamaica Cottage Shop, Inc. protects clients by guaranteeing all products with a no hassle 2-year warranty plan. Our organization attempts to abide by the highest ethical standards, we work diligently to provide a high quality product that will stand up to the rigors of everyday use. All Jamaica Cottage Shop, Inc. structures are covered for a period of two years for defects in materials and workmanship. We will repair or replace any defects at our discretion. Our manufacturing and shipping process is closely scrutinized, however, should you have any concerns whatsoever, our toll free line offers prompt and courteous assistance.

Bayside - ExteriorWhat voids the warranty?
This warranty is null and void if the site is not prepared according to our recommendations prior to delivery and/or client declines proper installation on recommended points (blocks) as outlined on invoice. Structure moves or alterations made by anyone other than a JCS professional void warranty—this includes, but is not limited to additions, cutting, or changing the building. Any damage occurring during a delivery to a site that is not properly accessible or prepared is not covered by the warranty and is the responsibility of the client. JCS allots 3 hours for a delivery; if a delivery exceeds this time frame due to a difficult site or poor site preparation, the client will be responsible for additional charges of $250/hour billed in 15 min increments plus expenses.

Any damages caused by lack of maintenance, vandalism, or improper installations (not performed by a JCS employee) are not covered under this warranty. This warranty does not include acts of god, fire, flood, windstorms, doors or windows, damage due to misuse, accident, neglect or any building that has been altered in any way. Leveling, sagging and/or shifting are natural occurrences and are not covered under this warranty. Wood is a natural substance that is affected by weather conditions and must be properly maintained. This warranty does not extend to color change due to normal weathering. Seasonal cracks and chips are natural characteristics of wood and are excluded from warranty.

The protective wrapping should be removed from the ends of the kits right away after delivery; Kits should be stored in protective wrapping for no more than 10 days, thereafter under a roof. Lumber should always be allowed to breathe and be vented and open to the air, allowing any moisture to escape. Tarping the lumber is the worst thing that can be done and will create a habitat for moisture and insects to collect, resulting in rapid decay of the materials. Improper storage of the kit will void the warranty.

Weekender - Custom Exterior

For returns:
Upon delivery, a quick inspection should be conducted and the freight bill signed to show you received the correct number of packages. You do not have to accept any delivery of damaged merchandise and may refuse the shipment. Contact JCS within 7 days of receipt of a damaged garbage bin kit. For the pre-cut shed kits, inventory should be taken and JCS contacted within 10 days to report any damaged or missing pieces. We will replace any broken or damaged parts right away. After 10 days, JCS will reserve the right to determine the course of action on a case-by-case basis.

This warranty does not cover the cost of labor for replacement of any defective part. Jamaica Cottage Shop will repair or replace the defective item free of charge within the stated warranty period, provided that the defective part is returned for inspection. The part will be sent out pending our production and shipping schedules. The consumer will be responsible for the cost of shipping the defective part back to us and Jamaica Cottage Shop will be responsible for the cost of shipping the replaced part back to the consumer.

Trial Kit Disclosure: Trial kits still have a fair potential to contain inconsistencies and discrepancies that will need troubleshooting by the client on-site, including on-site cutting and adjustments.  Please work closely with our tech support to continue to move forward in the best way possible to complete the project.  While JCS will work closely to help complete the project via Tech Support calls and emails, the Company is under no obligation to pay for any additional or unexpected labor involved.

Hardware / Accessories Orders: 14 DAY RETURNS if item is returned in the same condition that it was shipped from the warehouse.  A 25% restock fee may apply.

Last updated August 20th 2009

*Important – Termite prone areas mid Atlantic and southern states Hemlock and pine will not stand up to termites.

A termite shield made from non-corrosive metal such as aluminum should be in place to deter termite damage. Cedar and pressure treated lumber is encouraged in these termite prone areas.

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