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Log Cabin

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Meet the

Log Cabin

Rustic Log Cabin designs with open concept interior, full of potential.

Imagine living in a log cabin home that evokes the majesty of the American frontier. Whether you put your Vermont log building in a pristine forest, near a peaceful lake, or on the wide open plains, you and your family will feel closer to nature than ever before. Choosing a log cabin for a home or vacation house is a lifestyle many dream of. Make your dreams a reality with our easy-to-assemble kits. Where will you build yours?

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Roof Style: Gable Style

See the materials, dimensions, and floor plans for this building, model and download the PDF

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All About The Log Cabin

The Otter Creek Cabin

Meet the newest addition to the Jamaica Cottage Shop family of handcrafted buildings. This stunning log cabin is designed with living in mind.

Size: 552 Square Feet
Porch: 72 Square Feet
Interior: Cathedral Ceilings 18ft High

Since 1995, Jamaica Cottage Shop, Inc has been building post-and-beam sheds, cottages, and tiny homes. We have always taken great pride in using the finest materials AND workmanship in our products.

As we expand our line to include log cabins, we aim to honor the long tradition of American log homes. Inspired by timeless design and new technology, Vermont Log Buildings was created to make the iconic Log Cabin style home accessible and affordable to our building community.

Log cabin kits come with materials and instructions you need, in an inclusive kit format, ready for a carpenter or contractor to assemble. The pieces are also labeled, and come with easy to follow diagrams to make assembly simple.

Our Vermont Log Building kits include:

An assembly manual with diagrams
Pre-Cut, profiled and numbered logs, 200 Series Andersen Windows, Therma-Tru Doors, and select Fasteners & Hardware.

Otter Creek Cabin- Angle view of front and non-porch side wall.
Otter Creek Log Cabin Rendered Interior

Build Your Log Cabin:

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Log Kit

Log Kit
Complete | Log Kit
$ 65,536
  • Footprint: 552 SQFT
  • Overall Dimensions: 24x26
  • Roof Pitch: 8/12


What’s the difference between a Log Cabin Kit and a Pre-Cut Kit?

Log Cabin Kits are kits for just that, building a log cabin. Our line of “Vermont Log Buildings” is designed a bit differently than our normal “Pre-Cut Kits” in a few ways. 

Log Cabin Kits are subject to a shipping fee outside of our 300 mile in-house delivery area. 

Log Cabin Kits include several fasteners, but due to the nature of larger builds, they do not include all the hardware necessary. A general list of tools and hardware required for your project can be provided.

Log Cabin Kits have specific materials pre-cut and other materials sent un-cut. For example, the logs, rafters, and posts are pre-cut (porch posts are sent long to provide flexibility during the build). Framing for the gable ends is not pre-cut.

The Doors and Windows for these projects are Andersen 200 series and Therma-Tru Mahogany

Can your Log Cabin Kit be Customized?

Yes! You can add several items to Log Cabin Kits to make them your own. Customizations offered include the following:

  • Roof Material (your choice of color)
  • Add a Floor System (PT or KD)
  • Add Floor Insulation (options from R-10 to R-30)
  • Add a Porch Floor
  • Add Roof Insulation (Wrap and Strap options from R-10 to R-40 or opt for R-37 Foard Nail Panels)


Other types of modifications (alternative window or door placement, changes to the roofline, etc) are not recommended as the logs are cut ahead of time to accommodate the specified floorplan.

Do I need a professional to assemble this?

That depends! Although Log Cabin Kits (and Vermont Cabin Kits) include most materials and instructions for the build, they are larger projects and we recommend they be built by an experienced builder. If you’re a beginner looking for a D.I.Y project, consider getting someone experienced to assist. These larger projects also sometimes require tools that the average layman may not have in their toolbox. 

If you’re unsure of your skill level or tool set, please call our Drafting department to get more details to help you assess your situation. They will be happy to talk about construction methods used in the project as well as go over what tools you should expect to need.

Should I upgrade to a pressure-treated floor system?

Our designers can walk you through your options. They can discuss the specifics of your project to help you determine which upgrades are available and recommended for your project. What upgrades are available depends on the building, what it will be used for, the building location, your budget, and life expectancy.

On Log Cabin Kits, when selecting floor system options, Pressure-treated lumber is recommended if you’re building on piers. If you’re building on a full foundation in a relatively dry location, KD should suffice.

Are the Vermont Log Buiding kits insulated?

There are roof and floor options to make your Log Cabin fully insulated. 

The nature of the 8×8 contoured logs as a wall material provides great structural and insulating properties. For an insulated 4-season structure floor insulation and roof insulation upgrades are offered. 

Floor insulation is offered at R-10, R-20, and R-30. Roof insulation is offered in two styles, “Wrap and Strap” at R-10, R-20, R-30, or R-40.
“Foard Nail Panels” are an option as well, they are R-37.

How much will shipping be if the  Log Cabin Kit is to be delivered more than 300 miles from your workshop?

Shipments beyond 300 miles from our workshop travel via freight. Please call for a shipping quote, the further away you are, the more expensive it is. Freight shipments can vary also based on demand and timing. It’s reasonable to expect shipping to North East United States (beyond 300 miles) to be around $2k, North Central U.S & Central East Coast to be around $3-5k, Southern  and Central States to be in the range of  $4-7k, and West Coast shipping to be $7-8k. 

Free Shipping for Pre-Cut Kits

We are proud to ship our kits all over the continental USA and to parts of Canada. To qualify for free shipping, you must have a business address and appropriate equipment for offloading your kit. Go to our shipping policy for more details

Fully Assembled Buildings

We deliver to customers within a 200 mile radius of our shop in Londonderry Vermont. This area includes New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, and some parts of Maine, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and of course, Vermont.