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  • Nesting Boxes

    From: $30.00

    Nesting chicken coop boxes for your hens' comfort and safety.

  • 10x New Yorker Plans

    From: $39.95 From: $9.99

    Choose your ten-foot-wide post and beam plan for a wooden shed from lengths to twenty-four feet long. Option A includes double doors on the bearing wall and Option B has the double doors on the gable end where the water does not drip off the roof. A free materials list can be downloaded here for comparison of…

  • Gibraltar Cabin

    From: $7,811.00 From: $4,218.00

    This charming clever Vermont Post & Beam design is in stock and ships right away.* This design is now on display at the Vermont Factory, take the tour, see how they are made and walk into a huge display yard including a Gibraltar with 8' wall heights. The Gibraltar is a clever little design with…

  • Weekender 8x Plans

    $50.00 $24.95

    A combined wood shed and equipment storage shed, this weekender design holds three and a half cords of firewood and includes an attached 48 square foot utility storage area. With the included double doors and ramp, this firewood/storage shed is the perfect place to store a winter's worth of cordwood along with garden tools and…

  • 10x Basic Run In Plans

    $50.00 $24.95

    The Basic horse run in shed kits offer added protection to pastured horses from wind, rain, snow, and summer sun. Picture this attractive run in shed for horses out in your green rolling pasture. The sturdy rugged horse barn is designed for all of your livestock needs with years of heavy use. A free materials list…

  • Working Out House Plans

    $50.00 $29.95

    These outhouse building plans for sale can be incorporated with a composting toilet or be equipped with a working hole or used just for looks to store hand tools. Our optional toilet package for these outhouse blueprints includes a bench seat, a toilet seat and a hopper. The walls are constructed of 4x4 post and…

  • Sturdy handmade ladder for easy loft access.

  • Weekender 12x

    From: $6,324.00 From: $3,099.00

    This all-in-one Vermont Post & Beam storage shed is in stock and ships right away.* This combined wood and equipment storage shed has it all! Start the wood-burning season off right, dry cordwood burns cleaner and hotter. The best way to cure firewood is to keep it dry and allow the air to pass through…

  • 5x Chicken Coop Plans

    $50.00 $24.95

    This 5x chicken coop blueprint plan is a perfectly compact design for those homesteaders with a limited amount of space and just a few birds. This coop was constructed without a floor to allow the chickens to access the natural ground. A free materials list can be downloaded here for comparison of purchasing the materials locally.