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  • Aluminum termite shield to fortify wooden structures against termite prone areas. The shield is installed between the cement blocks and the skids. It should extend 2” out from the cement block on all sides, then descend on a 45° angle, extending another 2”. This forms a metal barrier that will help prevent termites from building…

  • Saltbox Series 8x Plans

    $50.00 $14.99

    The downloadable DIY storage shed plans for this shed are available immediately.  Find complete pre-cut kits or fully assembled here. The Jamaica Cottage Shop 8x shed plans were designed using techniques passed down for centuries. This extremely versatile cottage garden shed will withstand the test of time. The roomy interior of these saltbox shed 8…

  • Round Door

    From: $1,039.50

    The main entrance to any building can reveal much about its inhabitants. Jamaica Cottage Shop’s round wooden door design is for clients who are looking to create an enchanting, attention-grabbing entrance for a treehouse, playhouse, cottage, tiny house, backyard studio, or barn.

  • Made in the USA from high quality pine. Overall dimensions: 24” W x 12” H x 2.75” D Width of interior shelves: 22.25” Unfinished wood spice rack has two equally sized shelves for storing items no wider than 2.75” and no taller than 5”. spice rack, herb rack, spice curio, large spice rack, unfinished wood…

  • Woodbin 8x & Larger

    From: $1,493.00 From: $896.00

    This atractive Vermont Post & Beam firewood storage is in stock and ships right away.* Start the wood-burning season off right! Dry cordwood burns cleaner and hotter. The best way to cure firewood is to keep it dry and allow the air to pass through it. This small outdoor firewood storage will enable you to…

  • Sturdy handmade tiny house loft ladder for easy access in our Vermont Cottage Option C design.

  • This Daily Mix can be used to maintain your composting toilet regularly. The all natural composting toilet maintenance material is recommended over peat moss.  A scoop is included for your convenience.