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  • Hand-made in Maine from high quality pine, this small wooden bucket can be used to harvest fruits and vegetables, carry gardening tools, or even as a decorative planter.  

  • Use 1 inch screws for interior hardware applications. These small black wood screws would be perfect for your next home improvement, shed, or cabin project. The sleek black color provides professional finish to woodworking projects.  

  • One 15” Ornamental Door Hinge. Decorative & Aesthetically Pleasing. Perfect for Shed or Barn Doors! Includes 7 Mounting Screws.  

  • Heritage

    From: $4,948.00 From: $2,326.00

    This versatile Vermont Post & Beam building is in stock and ships right away. This building has be designed in response to the many who have asked for a multi purpose shed. It took one year and twelve revisions before this design was finalized. While aesthetically pleasing, it provides extremely versatile space. This design features…

  • Gable Series 8x Plans

    $50.00 $14.99

    The downloadable DIY storage shed plans for this shed are available immediately. You may download a free set of sample plans here. Find complete pre-cut kits or fully assembled here. The Gable is a beefy shed with 10’6” overall height and hefty 2x6 full-dimensioned floor and roof framing. This wooden storage shed is strong enough…

  • 14×20 Barn Garage

    From: $8,486.00 From: $3,479.00

    This attractive Vermont Post & Beam outbuilding is in stock and ships right away. This one is an original design by JCS in response to everyone’s requests for a simple garage. When compared to our standard 14×20 Barn design, the wall height has been increased. The roof pitch is lowered from 5/12 to 3/12. This…

  • Set on a hillside in prestigious Weston, Vermont, this unique cottage was a collaboration of design between the Cottage Shop and the client. Built to store tools and use as a workstation within the garden, the shed is filled with shelves and storage space. • A free materials list can be downloaded here for comparison of purchasing…

  • Expandable Coat Rack

    $36.00 $25.19

    Expandable, versatile, 10 peg rack for your cottage or shed.

  • Hot Tub Enclosures

    From: $3,696.00 From: $1,478.00

    Our Florida Room design is one of our largest outdoor hot tub enclosures for sale. We have created this structure to complement your garden and enhance the functionality and value of your outdoor living area. This is the perfect space to relax in the hot tub and watch the sunset without he nuisance of biting insects.…

  • Smithaven

    From: $4,716.00 From: $2,499.00

    This delightful Vermont Post & Beam den is in stock and ships right away. The Smithaven is the perfect choice for use as a workshop, play house, artisan studio, backyard office, tiny house or a stylish storage shed. This design comes standard with an incredible 5 windows to let in lots of natural light, while…