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  • Hardware Shed

    From: $2,015.00 From: $858.00

    This charming Vermont Post & Beam shed is in stock and ships right away.* A structure with personality this post and beam shed is truly unparalleled. First the size, six feet by ten feet is nothing seen in conventional shed stores. The different wall-heights help add to the curious shape and the arched door oozes…

  • Saltbox Series 12x Plans

    $50.00 $14.99

    The 12x Saltbox storage & garden shed is an extremely versatile cottage with a very rugged frame able withstand the test of time. Basic storage, a potting shed, or parking for a 4 wheeler, the design has many uses. A free materials list can be downloaded here for comparison of purchasing the materials locally.

  • Weekender 6x

    From: $1,999.00 From: $1,044.00

    This all-in-one Vermont Post & Beam storage shed is in stock and ships right away.* This combined wood and equipment storage shed has it all! Start the wood-burning season off right, dry cordwood burns cleaner and hotter. The best way to cure firewood is to keep it dry and allow the air to pass through…

  • One Bay Garage

    From: $11,955.00 From: $5,255.00

    This simple Vermont Post & Beam garage is in stock and ships right away.* This design is now on display at the Vermont Factory, take the tour, see how they are made and walk into a huge display yard including a 14x20 One Bay Garage. Standing proud and looking it’s best, this storage shed fits…

  • Backyard Retreat

    From: $6,591.00 From: $3,834.00

    This cozy Vermont Post & Beam chalet is in stock and ready to ship.* Whether you use this little retreat for a child’s playhouse, an artist’s studio, road side stand or just a quiet retreat away from the main house, this design stands out above the rest. The design has an elegant flying "v" porch…

  • Nantucket 6×12 Shed

    From: $2,485.00 From: $1,244.00

    Our cutest little Nantucket shed is in stock and ships right away.* Choose your six-foot-wide post and beam shed from lengths to twenty feet long. The Nantucket offers entry on the bearing wall or choose a double door option on the gable end. Purchase the Nantucket shed design in three different forms. As do-it-yourself plans, as a complete precut…