We at Jamaica Cottage Shop pride ourselves on offering a wide variety of well built, durable, Vermont made, post and beam sheds and cottages. All the designs are constructed using native rough sawn, full dimensioned lumber grown and sustainably harvested here in the USA. The framing is constructed of eastern hemlock and the siding and trim is kiln dried eastern white pine.

Building projects are shipped in one of three ways, kit, plans or fully assembled. Many of our designs are offered in our detailed step-by-step plans format and/or pre-cut kits internationally and most are offered fully assembled in the Northeast USA.

We hand cut, part number and color code each piece and ship direct to you. Whether pre-cut kit or fully assembled, our designs are crafted with care and exude a traditional country charm that is an asset to any landscape. We are continually expanding our product line and our website.

International Building Codes are followed whenever possible. Due to environmental and local interpretations it is best to review with your local municipality. Final approval is governed and granted solely by your local building department. It is the land owner’s responsibility that all local construction codes are being met.

Every project is different. We encourage and appreciate all the feedback we can get. We are continually using client comments and suggestions to improve our products and provide the most accurate and complete information possible. Assembly time is based on the average length of time we have been told it takes to complete. For example, an 8×10 Vermonter shed kit takes approximately 20 hours to complete. Each kit arrives with a set of detailed step-by-step instructions and includes a toll-FREE technical support line: 1.(866) 873-1501. These step-by-step plans are complete with vivid color pictures, color coded cut list with matching exploded view. Also included is a guide to best shed site choice, how to prepare a shed site with specifications and cabin foundation choices for your specific design. All the materials and hardware needed is included.
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DIY Plans

Supply your own materials by following these do it yourself plans. Step by step instructions include a materials shopping list, a detailed cut list, and traceable rafter patterns. With the exception of a few designs, the plans are engineered for do-it-yourself homeowners. The detailed plans include foundation options, a shopping materials list and a color coded cut list. The trigonometry of the roof triangles has all been simplified with tracing the cut out roof templates. The plans are set for full dimensional lumber and English system measurements. Each purchase of DIY Plans includes a hard copy shipped via USPS and immediate digital access (if available) via the shopping cart. 

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Frame Only

The choice for sensitive budgets, it supplies an authentic traditional rough sawn post and beam frame. The package comprises framing members color coded and part numbered to match the option A specifications found on the website product pages. Rough sawn true dimensional 4×4 post and beam timber wall frame and rafters for the roof system are combined. The frame only precut kit includes the base for the building. Skids and floor system if floor system is standard and treated sills if no floor is included. Flooring, siding, millwork and roofing has been omitted. Hardware to assemble is inserted as well as DIY plans.

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Complete Pre-Cut Kit

The most popular choice for a weather tight shell. The PCK is the complete kit for a design. It includes everything required to assemble the building including hardware, precut framing, siding and roofing as well as doors and windows. Hardware, millwork sheathing and DIY plans have been enclosed. Each piece is color coded and part numbered. The exact itemization of what is inserted can be found on the specifications tab of the website for each product page design.


JCS has solved all the headaches of finding the correct angles and the aggravation of starting from scratch. The kit is extremely well laid out. The detailed step-by-step format of the plans, complimented by the color coded cut list and exploded view, make assembly of this kit a fun and satisfying project for any skill level. The organization, plans and thought that have gone into the preparation of our cottage kits will result in a quality finished product. Basic carpentry hand tools will be needed with our precut lumber packages. We work with many individuals regularly that are experienced in assembling our pre-cut kits. A list of recommended assemblers can be found here. If you are a carpenter or handyman interested in assembling our pre-cut kits, please contact us to be added to our referral list.

Fully-Assembled Building Icon

Fully Assembled

Fully assembled prefabricated sheds and cottage buildings deliver exclusively to the northeast USA. Fully assembled pricing represents a weather tight shell specifications matching the same as a PCK. The option A specifications can be found on the website under each designs product page. Designs that meet road transportation guidelines are 10’6” tall or less, 14’ wide or less and 40’ long or less. If you don’t see exactly what you’re looking for give us a call, our fully assembled cottage designs are largely customizable and we’d be happy to work with you to meet your design needs.

Three Season Complete Pre-Cut Kit Icon

3-Season Kit

This is the best choice if the space will be used as a living space now or in the future. A three-season kit prepares the building for interior finishing. It includes the complete PCK version, vapor barrier, solid roof sheathing and insulated floor system. A three season building seals the structure from humidity and moisture protecting from the environment, insects and rodents. DIY plans match a color-coded part numbered kit and the hardware is included.

Four Season Complete Pre-Cut Kit Icon

4-Season Kit

A turn key solution for year-round comfort. Whether you live in a desert or the arctic the high R-value supplies year-round comfort. The package includes everything a 3 season does with the addition of insulated thermal pane millwork, wall and roof insulation and kiln dried pine interior sheathing.

Plumbing and electrical packages are optional for fully assembled projects. 


What To Know Before Delivery

Cottage shed kits weigh an average of 2,800 pounds. Kits are delivered via freight to a local business with the equipment to offload. This is often a building supply store, local lumber yard or nursery that can off load with a forklift and transfer to a smaller truck for delivery to your site. If you prefer residential delivery, there is a $550 residential delivery charge for kits under 3,000 lbs. It is suggested you be there to receive the package, but it is not necessary. The site must be able to accommodate a full size truck with a 48′ trailer. Two hours are allotted for off load by hand. In this case, you must be present for delivery with helpers. If your kit weighs more than 3,000 lbs it must be shipped to a local business that has a forklift.


After you order a cottage shed kit from Jamaica Cottage Shop, Inc., here are some things to remember about delivery: Cottage shed kits shipped out over the country will arrive within 7 business days after leaving our yard. A tracking number is supplied to you at time of shipping. The receiving business or freight company will typically contact you in advance to schedule a delivery date and time. Jamaica Cottage Shop has a logistics coordinator and dispatcher that is here to help you toll free. Learn more here.


Storing Your Cottage Kit

JCS makes every effort to ship your kit as close to assembly time as possible, however, if you do have to store your kit for a time here are some guidelines to follow:

Do not store kit in high humidity

  1. If possible do not break the bands until ready to build
  2. Keep doors and windows out of weather
  3. Do not allow the battens to sit in the sun or rain

Kits are banded and wrapped in mesh for ventilation.

  1. Kits are packed on custom fork-able pallet that is not part of the kit. It may be stacked and stored outside. The pallet is designed to be forked from all four sides pushed or dragged.
Tiny House Planning

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Site Preparation

See here to learn more about preparing your site.

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