Many Jamaica Cottage Shop products ship for free in the continental USA. You can qualify for free shipping based on your purchase and your location. We encourage our customers to thoroughly read the details of our shipping policies before they place their orders. This will help ensure a smooth process from start to finish. Nationwide Free Shipping* is offered for Pre-Cut Kits*, 2X4 Garbage Bins & Pellet Boxes.

*Log Cabin Kits going upto 300 miles from our factory location in S. Londonderry, VT ship free- beyond 300 miles, please call for a quote.


Free shipping of Pre-Cut Kits is available! 

Nationwide Shipping: Free shipping is offered to Businesse addresses capable of accepting large-scale deliveries. To be eligible, you must select a  businesses able and willing to accept lumber shipments and have equipment on-site to offload them (forklift capable of lifting 5,000 lbs, other stipulations apply**)

Local Shipping (within 200 miles): Pre-cut kits being shipped locally are delivered with our own company trucks and drivers to businesses or residential addresses for no additional charge.  Our company trucks arrive with our own equipment to offload. Note, our trucks are large and your site must meet requirements for accommodating the truck, off loading equipment and place for the Pre-Cut Kit to be offloaded.

Shipping 200-300 miles: If your pre-cut kit will be traveling 200-300 miles from our factory location in South Londonderry, VT (and is on the mainland) then you have some great options. Freight shipping above is offered as well as a Company truck for a reasonable fee.

*Log Cabin Kits ship free within 300 miles of our workshop in S. Londonderry, VT. Beyond that, please quote for a quote.

  • About Free Shipping
    Free shipping on Pre-Cut Kits* covers most of North America. Kits delivered outside of our in-house delivery zone will be shipped via third party freight. Free shipping applies to kits delivered to a business address that has space for a full-sized tractor trailer and the appropriate equipment for unloading. Off-loading equipment includes forklifts that can safely maneuver a minimum of 5,000 lbs.
  • What Counts as a Business Address?
    The location must have space to park a full-sized (enclosed) tractor trailer off the road, and also have off-loading equipment such as a forklift that can safely maneuver a minimum of 5,000 lbs. The trailer will not have a ramp or liftgate, so it is imperative that the business selected has a forklift. You must enter a valid business address as the shipping address in order to receive the free shipping. A business considered limited access will not qualify for free shipping. Businesses that do not meet these requirements will incur a $550 limited-access delivery fee.
  • Shipping To A Residence
    A $550 residential delivery charge applies to kits delivered to private residences. A full-size truck and trailer must be able to park off the public traveled right of way to complete your delivery. You will need a forklift at your offloading site to unload the kit (applies to kits over 3000 lbs). Additional shipping fees may apply for extreme urban or rural areas and for deliveries that take more than 2 hours.

    If your kit weighs less than 3,000 lbs, it is permitted to be off-loaded by hand. JCS allows a 20 minute limit for delivery. If off loading by hand, be sure not to lose the labels. It is recommended that several able-bodied people be there at the time of delivery to help unload the kit. Each helper should be equipped with a pair of gloves and a cutting tool to cut bands and plastic wrapping. The driver of the truck is not required to assist with unloading.

Freight Delivery
Continental USA

In-House Delivery
Range - 300 Miles

200 Mile Radius In House Delivey Area


Free shipping of Log Cabin Kits is available to customers within our 300 mile in-house delivery range. Customers outside of our in-house delivery range, please call for a quote.



  • Delivery Range
    Our in-house delivery team ships fully assembled buildings within a 300-mile range of our Southern Vermont workshop.

    The in-house delivery area includes mainland areas including the following: Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Cape Cod, Parts of Southern & Central Maine, Connecticut, eastern New York state, eastern Pennsylvania, the northern New Jersey Tri-State and New York metropolitan areas, including Long Island’s Nassau and Suffolk Counties.
  • How long does delivery take?
    JCS allows a 3 hour limit for delivery and set up of Fully Assembled buildings. Thereafter, $62.50 for every 15 minutes over the allotted time will be charged. To make sure your delivery happens within the allotted time, have your site properly prepared well in advance.

    Additional fuel surcharges may apply to rural areas. The delivery time begins where the municipality stops maintaining the road.
  • Our Delivery Equipment
    On delivery day, we arrive with all the equipment needed to place your cottage. Delivery equipment is very heavy. If the grass is wet on the day of delivery, rutting will most likely occur. JCS is not responsible for lawn, in ground sprinkler system, buried tank or landscape feature damage that may be caused by delivery equipment.
  • More Details
    JCS will provide the necessary concrete blocks for installation of the building. Each building has a pre-determined amount of blocks needed for a proper set up on a level site. If the site is out of level and requires additional blocks upon delivery a $10 per block charge is applied.
An 8x12 Nook being delivered to it's new home
Jamaica Cottage Shop Trucks Delivering a Wood Run-In Shed


After your order is confirmed, you will need to confirm your delivery. Your order must ship from the Jamaica Cottage Shop factory within 90 days of confirmation. Excessive delays of your delivery are not recommended as your project could be subject to weathering as well as storage fees.

Delivery of a fully assembled storage shed.


Build it Yourself!

DIY plans are supplied as a document that can be viewed and printed online. Please review system requirements for the online plans here.  


Hard copies of your cottage plans are possible for an additional charge.

Shipping Solutions

Pre-Cut Kits

If you live in the continental USA, our Pre-Cut Kits can be shipped to you! Free shipping is available to those who qualify.

Fully Assembled

Fully assembled buildings can be delivered to our customers that live within our in-house shipping radius, which is within 300 miles of our factory in Londonderry, Vermont.