Protection from the elements is essential for keeping beef cows, horses, llamas, and other large animals healthy and productive. A well-built pole barn, post and beam barn or run-in shed can provide all the shelter your animals need.

Healthy Living Conditions

If you raise large livestock animals that are sensitive to rain, wind, and hot sun, setting up a sturdy barn is one of the best investments you can make in your animals’ health. Some require stall barn shelter for nightly quarters as well as day shelter such as a portable prefab loafing shed.

The rot-resistant roofing and rugged pine walls of these Vermont buildings keep out the elements year-round. Large double barn or dutch doors with heavy black hardware provide ventilation when needed, but close securely to keep out cold drafts. Generously sized barn sash windows let in plenty of daylight.

Their simple interiors make these structures easy to muck out so you can create a clean, dry environment that reduces risk of infections such as foot rot and mastitis. Flooring can be customized to suit your animals’ needs.

If you keep horses or other animals that like to roam, consider a run-in shed. These wood barn kits for large animals provide the same reliable protection from wind and rain but allow more freedom. Loafing sheds designed as potable structures allow rotation of fields by dragging the building to a new location.

Timeless Rustic Beauty

With their classic post-and-beam construction, barns and run-ins reflect the quality craftsmanship and traditional aesthetic of colonial New England. The natural wood tones of Vermont pine and hemlock are attractive by themselves, but the buildings are easily painted to harmonize with your home. Black wrought iron hinges, latches, and other hardware add a touch of rustic elegance.

If you’re looking for something more decorative than a standard barn or run-in, consider a large Sugar Shack. Traditionally used for maple syrup production, these small wooden barns are a perfect fit for a New England style home or farm.

With a barn house kit or run-in, you can provide your large animals with the shelter they need while enhancing the visual appeal of your property.