Meet the

4X6 Chicken Coop

Meet the

4X6 Chicken Coop

The perfect place to raise a flock or keep a steady supply of fresh eggs, this sturdy and aesthetically pleasing 4x6 Chicken Coop has all of the features ready for your backyard hobby.
This petite Chicken Coop is perfect for the first-time hen keeper, or the space conscious urban farmer. The interior of this coop contains five nesting boxes for your happy hens, while the small chicken run door turns into a ramp when opened. Your flock will rest easy in the evenings knowing this sturdy little coop is keeping them safe from predators and the elements.

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4X6 Chicken Coop

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4X6 Chicken Coop Features

Roof Style: Shed Roof

All About The 4X6 Chicken Coop

A cheerful charm surrounds this 4’x6′ Chicken Coop. While the design is simple, the attention to detail is what brings this coop to life. The barn sash windows shine light onto the five nesting boxes inside, letting your hens know it’s time to start the day. When you want to let your flock out to forage around your yard, you can open either the main door, or just pop open the cute little chicken run door, which flips down into a ramp.

Floorless by design, access to the ground gives your chickens an opportunity to scratch and dig for tasty bugs while they hang out in their coop. As the smallest of our chicken coops, this model is a favorite of urban farmers and backyard chicken keepers. You’ll love waking up to clucking hens and fresh eggs every morning, and your chickens will be happy in their coop which keeps them warm, dry, and safe from any wild critters.

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We offer the 4’x6′ Chicken Coop as a complete shell kit with do-it-yourself instructions. This lovely little model is also offered fully assembled to our customers who live within 300 miles of our factory in Londonderry, Vermont.

The Complete Shell – With this package you get everything needed to set up an uninsulated building. Wall and roof framing, siding, and a metal roof come with this package. Additionally, this coop comes with five nesting boxes. Customize Each of our buildings comes with default options that match our specifications. However, if you want to personalize your purchase, we have made that process a breeze. As you go through each step, you’ll be able to pick and choose which options you want.


Our coops come with default options that match our specifications. However, if you want to personalize your purchase, we have made that process a breeze. As you go through each step, you’ll be able to pick and choose which options you want to style your coop.

• Strengthen – Consider upgrading the roof rafters to 16-inches on center to increase the weight rating. Shed anchors may be wrapped around the sill plate to secure your coop to the ground.

• Personalize – With the coops you can upgrade the roofing or siding to match your aesthetics. Oodles of options exist to fashion your Chicken Coop just the way you’d like. We offer many all-natural pine and cedar siding options. Roofing choices include corrugated metal, Western Red Cedar shingles or shakes, and architectural asphalt shingles, which are available in many colors. Or bring in extra sunshine with a Clear Poly roof.

This tiny chicken coop is perfect for the urban homesteader.

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Fully Assembled

Fully Assembled
Shell | Fully Assembled
$ 3,030
  • Footprint: 24 SQFT
  • Overall Dimensions: 4x6
  • Roof Pitch: 5/12

Pre-Cut Kit

Pre-Cut Kit
Shell | Pre-Cut Kit
$ 2,040
  • Footprint: 24 SQFT
  • Overall Dimensions: 4x6
  • Roof Pitch: 5/12


What is a Pre-Cut Kit? What is included in this package?

The Pre-Cut lumber package has all the framing members cut and ready for assembly. It includes siding, roofing, pre-dimensioned trim, and fastening hardware. Many designs also include windows and doors. The floor system, walls and rafters have all been cut, color-coded and part numbered. The detailed cut list coincides with the color-coded exploded view. The head scratching has been removed, the headaches of finding the correct angles and the aggravation of starting from scratch has all been simplified. The kit is geared to a do-it-yourself homeowner with beginner-to-beginner knowledge of carpentry.

Should I buy a Pre-Cut Kit or Fully Assembled Building?

We design our kits to be organized and easy to understand. If you have basic carpentry skills and are looking to save money, a kit is a great idea for you. We ship our kits  all across the continental USA and part of Canada.

If you live within our Northeast delivery area, you are able to purchase many of our buildings Fully Assembled. You’ll save time and have the peace of mind that your cottage is being built by expert craftsmen.

What is a Complete Shell and What Comes With It?

A complete shell is an uninsulated building. As a kit, it includes everything required to assemble the building including hardware, precut framing, siding and roofing as well as doors and windows. Hardware, millwork sheathing and DIY plans have been enclosed. Each piece is color coded and part numbered. The exact itemization of what is inserted can be found on the specifications tab of the website for each product page design.

What is the difference between a 3-Season and 4-Season Insulation package?

3-Season –A three-season kit prepares the building for interior finishing. It includes the complete shell plus vapor barrier, solid roof sheathing and insulated floor system. A three season building seals the structure from humidity and moisture protecting from the environment, insects and rodents.

4-Season – Best for year-round comfort. The package includes everything a 3 season does with the addition of insulated thermal pane millwork, wall and roof insulation and pine interior sheathing.

Can I Customize My Building?

Yes! When you purchase your building, you have the option to pick siding, roofing, and flooring options to upgrade or modify your building. Read more about what options we offer.

If you are looking for some very special customizations to one of our buildings, our cottage designers can help. Contact our custom shop team to build a bespoke cottage.

How Can I Pay? Do You Offer Financing?

We accept Master Card, American Express, Discover Card and Visa, Cash, Personal Check, Financing, ACH transfers, Wire transfers, and PayPal. There are so many ways to purchase your dream cottage!

We also offer easy financing options, including a 50% now, 50% later option. See financing page.

Free Shipping for Pre-Cut Kits

We are proud to ship our kits all over the continental USA and to parts of Canada. To qualify for free shipping, you must have a business address and appropriate equipment for offloading your kit. Go to our shipping policy for more details

Fully Assembled Buildings

We deliver to customers within a 200 mile radius of our shop in Londonderry Vermont. This area includes New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, and some parts of Maine, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and of course, Vermont.

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