Tiny Cabins for Sale

Owning a tiny house is a pragmatic way to enjoy a liberating minimalist lifestyle and cut your expenses, but it’s important to understand the practicalities before you order a tiny house kit.

Location Flexibility

Before you buy your tiny house kit, get a clear idea of where you’ll be allowed to put it. Counties, townships, and cities all have their own zoning regulations. Many of these allow for one tiny house on a plot of land that, in some areas, can be as small as 450 square feet. Others allow for a tiny house as an ADU (accessory dwelling unit), also known as a “mother-in-law apartment.”

DIY tiny homes like our modular pool house are often welcome at mobile home parks and an ever-increasing number of tiny house communities are springing up around the country. Some campgrounds also allow tiny houses, although the amount of time you can live there might be limited.

Whether or not you want a permanent foundation will also affect your options in regard to zoning regulations.

More Choices, More Freedom

A tiny house makes it possible to purchase a beautiful, comfortable home outright, and live without a mortgage hanging over your head. A home such as the rustic Gibraltar Cabin provides everything you need at a fraction of the cost of a traditional house. A home without excess space also keeps your heating, cooling, and other utility bills down.

With lower monthly bills, you’ll have the freedom to cut back on work and do more of what you enjoy. If you decide to move across the country, you can take off with only minimal planning and plans for a DIY tiny home.

While zoning regulations can sometimes create an inconvenience, there are still plenty of options for flexible, low-cost tiny house living. Explore tiny home kits and free plans for tiny houses with and without loft options. Many of our tiny houses for sale have ground floor bedrooms with sleeping platforms including Murphy beds and other forms are fold away furniture. Browse our selection of tiny house kits, plans & prefabricated tiny houses for sale.