Prefab Cottages

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  • 8×10 Bunkie Cottage

    From: $1,713.00 From: $1,028.00

    This exclusive inclusive Vermont Post & Beam Cottage is in stock and ships right away. This charming little cottage was designed as a simple four season cottage to fit a modest budget. This cottage is designed with aesthetic and space saving exposed Post & Beam framing.It includes fiberglass and foam foil board insulation, a battery…

  • 8x16 Nook - Installed on a trailer8x16 Nook - Installed on a trailer

    Tiny House on Wheels

    From: $13,396.00 From: $8,206.00

    This elegant and modern Vermont Post & Beam domicile is in stock and ships right away. Where will your Tiny House take you? Our Tiny House On Wheels (or T.H.O.W) options are highly customizable, robust, simple, and charming and offered fully assembled as a shell, 3-season, or Turn-Key 4-Season. All Jamaica Cottage Shop T.H.O.W.s come…

  • Heritage - Custom Exterior8x18 Heritage - Custom exterior


    From: $4,948.00 From: $2,326.00

    This versatile Vermont Post & Beam building is in stock and ships right away. This building has be designed in response to the many who have asked for a multi purpose shed. It took one year and twelve revisions before this design was finalized. While aesthetically pleasing, it provides extremely versatile space. This design features…

  • 10x16 Pond House - Exterior10x16 Pond House - Custom Exterior

    Pond House Cabin

    From: $4,271.00 From: $2,178.00

    This darling Vermont Post & Beam domicile is in stock and ships right away. While originally designed as a Pond House, this beautiful cottage has an endless array of uses. Whether it is a potting shed for your garden, a child’s playhouse, a space to watch the sunset or just a place to sit by…

  • 14x26 Camping Cabin14x26 Camping Cabin Exterior

    Solar Cabin

    From: $34,337.00 From: $28,614.00

    This comprehensive Vermont Post & Beam abode is in stock and ships right away. This cozy cabin is the perfect solution for your isolated New England property. An enchanting three-room cottage, complete with a bathroom is a wonderful place to relax and escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The kitchen is equipped…

  • 12x20 Rental Cabin - custom exterior12x26 Apple Blossom - Exterior

    Apple Blossom Cottage

    From: $35,723.00 From: $29,769.00

    This comprehensive cozy Vermont Post & Beam cottage is in stock and ships right away. The Apple Blossom Cottage is a fully assembled turn-key design creating a serene and simple space that sleeps five. This cottage comes standard with a wood stove, plumbing package, electrical package, and is outfitted for immediate 4-season cozy living. Enjoy…

  • 10x16 Smithaven - Custom exterior10x16 Smithaven - custom exterior


    From: $4,716.00 From: $2,499.00

    This delightful Vermont Post & Beam den is in stock and ships right away. The Smithaven is the perfect choice for use as a workshop, play house, artisan studio, backyard office, tiny house or a stylish storage shed. This design comes standard with an incredible 5 windows to let in lots of natural light, while…

  • 14x40 Xylia - Display model, first come, first served12x24 Xylia cottage

    Xylia Cottage

    From: $6,193.00 From: $3,344.00

    This durable delightul Vermont Post & Beam dwelling is in stock and ships right away. The word “Xylia” is Greek, meaning “of the woods.” This picturesque design would look great just about anywhere, especially surrounded by nature. The Xylia (zee-lee-ah) comes standard with a number of windows and a single door making it a perfect…

  • 12x18 Writers Haven - Exterior12x14 Writers Haven - Custom Exterior

    Writers Haven

    From: $4,716.00 From: $2,829.00

    This Jamaica Cottage Shop original Vermont Post & Beam beauty is in stock and ships right away. Imagine having your own private Writer’s Haven: a place to be alone with your thoughts. Just as Henry David Thoreau had his cabin on Walden Pond, you can have a sanctuary all your own. With the translucent roofing…

  • 12x18 Gibraltar - Exterior12x20 Gibraltar - Exterior

    Gibraltar Cabin

    From: $7,811.00 From: $3,827.00

    This charming clever Vermont Post & Beam design is in stock and ships right away. This design is now on display at the Vermont Factory, take the tour, see how they are made and walk into a huge display yard including a Gibraltar with 8' wall heights. The Gibraltar is a clever little design with…

  • 12x20 Sugar Shack Pool House12x24 Sugar Shack exterior

    Sugar Shacks 12x

    From: $6,316.00 From: $3,387.00

    This traditional, tough Vermont Post and Beam kit is in stock and ships right away. A traditional New England design, the Sugar Shack Cabin boasts functionality and aesthetic appeal. Sugar Shacks are traditionally used as syrup houses, a designated building to boil maple syrup. In the springtime a large cloud of smoke and steam can be…

  • 12x16 Backyard Retreat12x16 Backyard Retreat - Exterior

    Backyard Retreat

    From: $6,591.00 From: $3,296.00

    This cozy Vermont Post & Beam chalet is in stock and ships right away. This little retreat is in a league of its own. Whether you use it for a child’s playhouse, an artist’s studio, road side stand or just a quiet retreat away from the main house, this design stands out above the rest.…