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Choosing ROOFING

What to Consider

For something as visible as a roof, you’ll want to consider style when choosing your material. Utilitarian buildings do well with metal roofs, but for structures placed close to your home, choose a roofing style to match the appearance of nearby structures.


Metal: 29 Gauge corrugated roofing panels last decades. Painted or Galvanized metal roof material comes with a 30-year manufacturer’s warranty, while unpainted Galvalume is warrantied for 20-years.

Asphalt Shingles: There’s a reason asphalt shingles are an industry standard. In fact, there are several! Not only are they versatile in their design, color customization, and application; asphalt shingles are always an affordable energy-efficient option for those looking to save money.

Cedar: Red Cedar is durable and resistant to rot making it an ideal roofing choice for sheds and cottages. Extractives found in the heartwood stop decay in its tracks by fending off fungi. Many building codes rate red cedar highly due to its durability. It is an eco-friendly choice for exterior use because preservative treatments are not necessary.



  • Evergreen Corrugated Metal $3.78 / sqft
  • Other Color Corrugated Metal $4.78 / sqft
  • Galvalume $3.50/ sqft
  • Clearpoly $5.12 / sqft
  • Asphalt Shingles $9.16 / sqft
  • Cedar Shingles $22.76 / sqft

    Adirondack Live-Edge Pine Siding SKU: SI.AD

  • Cedar Shakes $18.98 / sqft

    White Cedar Shingle Siding Requires Board Backing. It is included in this price. SKU: SI.CDR.SHINWHT


Paneled Roofing



29 Gauge Corrugated Metal Panels are long lasting and our most affordable roofing choice. Comes with matching ridge cap and roofing screws with rubber gaskets.

Painted: Offered in 19 color finishes with a 30-year manufacturer’s warranty. Evergreen comes standard.

Unpainted: 20-year manufacturer’s warranty, used on economy buildings

Price Per Sqft

  • Metal Roofing $3.78 / sqft

    Metal Roofing SKU: RM.MTL

  • Upgrade Color (From Evergreen) $50
  • Upgrade Color (From Unpained) $250


36” wide ClearPoly Panels are used in greenhouses and potting sheds to let in more light. Individual panels may be ordered to offer a combination style roof.

Comes with a Galvanized Ridge Cap when the entire building has a ClearPoly roof

Price Per Sqft

  • Clearpoly $5.12 / sqft


Asphalt Shingles



Premium asphalt shingles with 15 color options. Comes with rough-sawn pine board sheathing. 30-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Price Per Sqft

  • Asphalt Shingles $9.16 / sqft


Cedar Roofing


Cedar Roof Shingles

Approximately 3/4” thick Western Red Cedar Shingles. Comes with rough sawn pine board sheathing.

Price Per Sqft

  • Cedar Shingles $22.76 / sqft



Cedar Roof Shakes

Approximately 1-1/4” thick Western Red Cedar Shakes. Comes with rough sawn pine board sheathing.

Price Per Sqft

  • Cedar Shakes $18.98 / sqft


Materials & Accessories


Add Ons

Ridge Cap: A traditional and elegant upgrade for cedar and asphalt shingle roofs, they protect the top seam of a roof

Copper Roof Flashing: Upgrade from Aluminum Flashing to Real Copper Flashing. Only applicable on Roofs with Valleys. Required for Red Cedar Roofing.


  • Rolled Copper Ridge Cap $37.38 / lnft

    Rolled top Real Copper Ridgecap. SKU: RM.ROLL.TOP

  • Copper Roof Flashing $37.38 / lnft

    Required for Red Cedar Roofing. Priced per ln ft. SKU: RM.FLASH.COPPER

  • Premium Trim Package $11.44

    On Fully or Rake Trim, Eave Trim, Inside and Outside Closure Strips with Sealing Tape. This Option includes upgrading Flashing to Match Roof Colors (When valleys are present) priced per sqft of the building being purchased with it. SKU:

  • Upgrade Flashing to Match Roof Colors $234

    On a Kit of Fully Assembled Building you can upgrade all the flashing from Aluminum Flashing to Match your Roof Color for a flat fee. SKU: RMFLASH

Roof Sheathing & Insulation

Roof Sheathing: Lumber that is placed on top of roof rafters in place of roof strapping. This provides a solid surface for the vapor barrier to sit on. We use rough sawn pine, but plywood is another acceptable material. 

Vapor Barrier: A must-have for a living space, this material blocks moisture from making its way inside. Vapor barriers are installed in the floor, walls and roof, under the siding.

Price Per Sqft

  • Roof Sheathing – Air Dried $4.70 / sqft


  • Roof Sheathing – Kiln Dried $6.24 / sqft


  • Roof Sheathing – Shiplap Pine $11 / sqft

    Smooth Side Out – SKU: RFSTH.SL.SSO
    Rough Side Out – SKU: RFSTH.SL.RSO

  • Roof Vapor Barrier $4.33 / sqft

    Black Triflex 3' SKU: TF.VB

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