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Garages, Workshops, and Tiny Homes with Lofts

Buildings with lofts are a current trend in architecture. Rooms that feature lofts have a number of appealing benefits that can enhance your lifestyle. A loft provides added space and flexibility over a room of the same size without one. They allow you to make the most of interiors with high ceilings, while creating a […]

How to Build a Treehouse

A treehouse designed with a Jamaica Cottage Shop Shed Pre-Cut Kit

No matter what your age, a treehouse can be a fun place to chill out, hang with friends, or enjoy some alone time. Plus, your kids or grandkids will love having a sky-high sanctuary to call their own. Building a treehouse on your property might seem like a daunting task. However, with careful planning and […]

Convert Your Shed into a Backyard Office

This home office is being used at a winery

With remote working opportunities on the rise, it’s an ideal time to get set up with a home office. Create a separation from your work and household by converting your shed into a backyard office.

The Vermont Cottage as a Beach House

Vermont Cottage Kit built on a sand dune

Waterfront property, as everyone knows, is highly sought after. Having a place by an ocean, lake, pond, or river to live and relax is invaluable.

Rustic Glamping With Cabins

12x16 Home Office with live edge pine siding, skinned hemlock porch posts and insulated windows and door

Summer is here and undoubtedly is the best time get outdoors and go camping. Setting up a perfect site for cabin camping can enhance the overall outdoors experience.

Fun in the Sun: Nifty Summer Builds

Creating an inviting, beautiful space on your property can help you feel like you are on vacation without going anywhere. Here are some ways that our post and beam backyard buildings can help you achieve an outdoor zone for relaxing, parties, and fun!

How To Add Extra Living Space to Your Property

16x24 Custom Four Season Interior

Have you been thinking lately that living in a tiny house on wheels would help solve some of your problems? Well, you could be right. With how the world is rapidly changing, being mobile, with only the things you truly need, will provide the clarity and freedom you might have been longing for.

How To: Convert a Storage Shed into a Guesthouse

Bee Cottage Shed to Guesthouse Conversion

However, some measurements are necessary to make one functional and comfortable. If this sounds like you, you can use the following tips to learn how to convert a storage shed into a guesthouse.

All You Need to Know About Granny Pods

A small wooden granny pod

Granny Pods are detached accessory buildings that can be used to house your elderly parents, aunts, uncles, or children. They provide all of the necessities of a home with added privacy.