Space Saving Gym Equipment for Your Cottage

Home Workout Space in your cottage, shed or garage

Space Saving Home Gym Set Up

Now more than ever people across the globe are looking for ways to implement a home workout routine. For those with limited space we have compiled a list of space saving workout equipment ideas that are perfect for use in tiny homes, cottages or even shed-to-gym conversions. 

When setting up a home gym you will want to consider workout tools that will fit the space best and will provide you with a well rounded workout. Will you want to focus on cardio, flexibility, strength, or a mix? Do you have a spare room or garage that you can set up in? Installing gym equipment in a shed or small cottage is a great way to create a backyard workout space without cluttering up your home with dumb bells, yoga mats and jump ropes.

Ab Roller

An ab roller is designed to work on your body’s midsection. This piece of equipment requires minimal space on the floor. All the space you need is the size of your body laying down. 


For your cottage, you’ll want to choose a stable ab roller that doesn’t wobble or shake when you exercise. Also, the ab roller you choose should have cushioned grips, so you can easily move the roller without damaging your hands.


Door Pull up Bar

Are you into pull-ups? A door pull up bar fits snugly in a door jamb, no floor space needed. It does not need you to attach it to the door with screws. The device can be set up and removed within seconds. It also has a non-slip grip making it great for abs and upper body workouts.


Pilates Core Set

You can use this set to practice Pilates in the comfort of your home. Combine it with fitness apps and YouTube videos to maximize your workouts. A typical set comes with a small soft over the ball, resistance band, and resistance ring. It can be used by people who are starting a workout or those who already have a fitness routine. Pilates is a very efficient way to work out combining stretching, cardio and strength. Add a yoga mat and you may not need anything else. 


Suspension System Trainer

If you are looking for a strong core, a suspension system trainer is a good choice. It comes with a mount to attach to a door. Open your door, attach the straps on one side and the rectangular pad on the other side, and close the door. It is a convenient pop-up gym you can use anywhere.


There are different models of suspension system trainers. Some have more features than others. The basic models will allow you to tone your lower body, upper body, and abs. There are a plethora of exercises you can do using a suspension system trainer. The best thing is that you can save it and you’ll barely notice it’s there!


Dumb Bells for your Shed Gym

Adjustable Dumbbell

An adjustable dumbbell allows you to progress by adding more weights as your body starts to tone, without additional weights and bars. You can increase weights by around 4-pound increments. Typically, the maximum weight is usually around 50 pounds, which is mostly for intense workouts. It is a piece of space-saving gym equipment you can use to build and tone muscle in all areas of your body.


Balance Board

Just as the name suggests, the balance board is designed to focus on improving your balance. Take note it is also good for toning your body. Most balance boards have a non-slip surface. You can use the board on most floors. However, if you have a wooden floor, you can place a mat underneath the board to avoid denting your floor. Alternatively, you can use it on the carpet.


The balance board is one of the least strenuous gym equipment you can use in limited space. On the downside, it is not something you can do many workouts with. Apart from toning your body while improving your balance, you can use it to do squats to make your workout more challenging.



There’s no reason you can’t exercise in your cottage or cabin without taking up precious space. There’s a great number of versatile gym equipment tools you can use that take up minimal space and can help you reach your fitness goals in the comfort of your own home.


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