12x16 Weekender - Custom built with an ash gray roof and a barn sash window
12x20 Weekender interior12x20 Weekender wood storage side12x20-custom-built-weekender-overhead-garage-door12x20-Weekender-Ash-Gray-Roof-post-beam-storage-shed-kit-for-saleThe client who ordered this wood storage shed sent us these faux barn doors.12x20 Weekender - Custom exterior12x16 Weekender - Custom exterior12x18 Weekender - Custom Exterior12x20 Weekender - Custom Interior12x20 Weekender - Custom Interior12x Weekender - Custom Exterior12x Weekender - Custom ExteriorMoving a Weekender with a tractor.

Weekender 12x

A combined cordwood and equipment storage shed, the weekender design holds 4 cords of firewood and an enclosed partitioned area has enough storage room for yard toys, furniture and a lawn tractor.

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Product Description

12x20WeekenderFloorA combined firewood and equipment shed, this twelve foot deep weekender design holds just under 4 cords of firewood and an enclosed partitioned area has enough storage room for yard toys, furniture and a lawn tractor. The frame for this little building is a rugged post and beam built with rough sawn hemlock and pine lumber. The Weekender is an attractive and practical woodshed that we originally designed for second home owners enjoying their weekend retreat. Large five foot double doors and included ramp allow easy access the enclosed 144 square feet of storage space. The separate compartment and cordwood storage area both have a heavy 2×6 floor frame that will handle your heaviest of storage loads.

Rugged post and beam techniques passed down through the centuries are applied to all of our designs. This firewood storage shed is no exception. The Weekender 12x is a large Firewood and storage shed combination that is a sturdy picturesque outbuilding reminiscent of old New England. Using timeless methods, native Vermont lumber and traditional designs, our sheds and storage buildings are built the same way they have been for centuries. Find high quality equipment shed plans and firewood shed kits  at Jamaica Cottage Shop.

View Specification Sheet (12x20)

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