We Move Buildings

Do you need help moving Tiny Houses, Camps, Cottages, or Storage Sheds?

Jamaica Cottage Shop has been hauling buildings in New England for over 20 years.

In compliance with Over-the-Road Laws, buildings considered for transport must meet height, width, and length restrictions set by the Department of Transportation.Common sizes transported include: 8×10, 8×12, 8×16, 10×12, 10×14, 10×16, 12×14 12×16, 12×20, 12×30. It’s possible to transport sheds weighing from one thousand pounds up to 10,000 lbs, or a Tiny House Trailer up to 20,000 lbs. Over dimensional buildings may require wide lode permits and or police escorts. Different states have different storage shed moving requirements, check your state’s requirements for more information.

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Base hourly rate for Building Moves is $250/hr, billed in 15min increment. Time is calculated from when the truck departs our yard, in South Londonderry, Vermont, until it returns.

Additional costs for moving a shed that may apply include:

• Permits for oversize loads traveling over the road. Permits are required for any building with a width over 102” from drip-edge to drip-edge. Vermont permits are $75 /each, all other Northeast states are $100/ each.

Escorts  are coordinated by Jamaica Cottage Shop. We send out our own escort vehicle and driver at $35/hr. Police escorts start at $200/hr with a minimum of 4 hours ($800). These are only required for larger buildings in some Northeast states.

• When blocking and leveling the building, concrete blocks are provided are $10/each (4″x8″x16″)

• If taking a Ferry, Barge, or Bridge is required, additional fees will apply. Transport to extreme rural or urban areas with limited road access will be assessed for supplemental billing as well.

Move a shed
Basic RGB

Shed Moves

Basic information Jamaica Cottage Shop needs to determine if we can help you move your shed.
  • An exact measurement, to the inch, from the bottom of the skids or sills to the tip of the highest peak. See diagram.
  • An exact measurement, to the inch, from drip edge to drip edge; outermost point to outermost point. See diagram.
  • An exact measurement, to the inch, from drip edge to drip edge; outermost point to outermost point. See diagram.

Preparation of the Building: Building should be emptied before your Mover/Driver arrives. As the mover begins jacking up and loading the building, it will tilt.

Preparation of your new Site: Your new site should be properly prepared with level gravel or another prepared foundation. Make sure all four corners are clearly marked, as well as where the doors should be. Please be sure, at to and from sites, all obstacles including low branches, fencing, wires/cables, yard debris, etc. have been cleared and location of septic tanks and other buried tanks should be marked.

Keep in mind, all tiny home movement times are estimates and may take more or less time than originally quoted.

By scheduling your shed move with our Logistics Coordinator, client agrees to pay any/all fees accrued regardless of original quote.