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With fall quickly approaching, it's high time we prepare to step into this season properly with some autumn-themed elements and fresh ideas that bring coziness, calmness, and reddish colors into the scene. Those lucky enough to live in the area with lush foliage can make miracles with just a few carefully chosen seasonal elements. However, if you are not among these fortunate ones, here are some imaginative autumn landscaping ideas and tips to start this fall.

A retaining wall with garden beds is handy

A retaining wall gives dimension to your yard. It is also excellent protection if your property is on a sloping site. You can create it yourself or consult an expert who will help you find the best design solution to get the result you have in mind. These walls can be from various materials, so the choice primarily depends on your taste, garden-style, and budget.

When choosing the plants for your wall, there are several key parameters that you need to consider. Firstly, these plants should be easy to shape and work with. Secondly, they should be cold-tolerant if you want them to last longer. Finally, do not underestimate the importance of companion planting. It would help if you chose plants that go well together. Suppose you will utilize this autumn landscaping idea’s full aesthetic potential and get genuine horticultural heaven on your property.

It is possible to extend the autumn season

Park Bench made of pine and concrete
This park bench was constructed of concrete and pine.

A beautiful fire pit on your patio or in the backyard seating area will enable you to enjoy the pleasant and relaxing autumn evenings for a longer time. Placing outdoor wooden furniture that matches the surroundings is an exciting and effective option to accentuate this area. On the other hand, if this sounds like too much money to spend, there is a viable alternative solution. Instead of building a fire pit, you could use a portable fire bowl and get similar though slightly less fascinating results.

Use concrete pavers and stepping stones

Some of the latest landscaping ideas to start this autumn are using concrete colored pavers and stepping stones to transform your yard from plain into extraordinary. Both pavers and stepping stones you can use in a great variety of ways to achieve the look you desire. As they are available in different colors, they can easily match other elements on your property.

Using concrete pavers and stepping stones is, for example, an excellent design option to divide large green areas into minor separate units. They are quite affordable, so creating a new landscape will not cost you a fortune. Whether you have just moved into a new home or trying to refresh your current one, using pavers and stepping stones is an intelligent solution.

Hardwood shredded mulch will give color to your garden beds

If you need more autumn colors on your property, use a mulch to brighten your landscape and make it livelier. As is the case with pavers and stepping stones, mulch is available in different colors, making it easy to combine with whatever architectural style you prefer.

A well-groomed garden for simplicity lovers

Suppose you prefer a natural landscape with few or no decorations. In that case, proper and regular maintenance in the autumn season will suffice. Make sure that your lawn is neatly mown at all times, dry leaves collected and disposed of, and your garden well-groomed.

Pumpkins are always the right choice

Pumpkins are an essential element of the autumn spirit. Regardless of which of the fall landscaping tips mentioned above you opt for, they will undoubtedly contribute to reaching the effect you can feast your eyes on and enjoy the autumn feel. Whether you opt for natural pumpkins or plastic and foam ones, you will not make a mistake.

Scatter them randomly around the yard. Combine them with potted plants, arrange them down the front entry path, or place them around your fascinating garden pond. The options are endless, and yet, they all give eye-catching results.

Take proper care of your tools

10x12 Tool Shed with Autumn Red Roof color upgrade

Use this autumn to introduce some significant yet practical and attractive changes regarding storing your gardening tools. Proper storing is essential during autumn. Your tools can get rusty or distorted if left in unacceptable conditions during heavy rainfall. Luckily, there are some highly convenient onsite storage solutions - like our wood tool shed pictured to the left - you can apply instead of cluttering your space. You can have a storage unit delivered to your address, where your items will be easily accessible and yet out of the way.

Final words

There are myriads of creative landscaping ideas to start this autumn. Choosing which of them to apply on your property will depend on your preferences, the style of your outdoor space, and your budget. From simple decorations to more demanding projects, you can transform your landscape drastically in several steps. Contemplate what you want to achieve, create a vision to follow, and start planning.

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Linda Smith is a former journalist who has been working as a freelancer for some time now. She is interested in real estate trends and design ideas for indoor and outdoor spaces. Linda enjoys helping people find the homes of their dreams.


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