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How to Keep Your Garage Tidy

Sometimes we ask ourselves how to keep the garage tidy and more organized. The garage is usually a spacious area big enough to fit your car in securely. But besides keeping your car safe, the garage can be also be used to store many items safely. Garage organization doesn’t need to be a stress-inducing project if you take it step by step, and design your space in a way that makes sense for you.

Garage Organization Planning phase

First neat garage idea, you will need to understand how much space you would need for your car, bike, lawnmower, and other large items you possess. Then you can understand how much extra space you have to plan and store other items in a more organized manner.

An organized post and beam garage showing a storage shelf and hanging latter
An organized garage makes finding all of your tools quick and easy.

Before deciding to add more things to your garage, you can start by categorizing and dividing the garage into different zones. It helps you figure out what can go where and then store categories together based on your space.

Decluttering and having to keep only the things that are necessary is very important to keep your garage tidy. Every house tends to store things in their garage that they don’t need, use, or shouldn’t even be storing. The garage becomes a dumping ground for the household when you accumulate and have too much of everything.

Hoarding and dumping huge amounts of clutter is an issue many people face; you are not alone. Unfortunately, the most unlikely things are found in people’s garages before you decide to tidy up or organize your storage space. The list goes on and on, from termite-infested fixtures to moisture-affected clothes and even dead or live animals.

According to a recent survey, 40% of homeowners admitted to keeping a disorderly and cluttered garage. In addition, they said that they could not even place their cars properly. It’s clear that garage organization is something many people struggle with, so there’s no reason to be discouraged or embarrassed by having some mess around – just take the steps to get it clean!

Keep your cleaning equipment ready

Before moving forward with the process of organizing and tidying up your garage, you will need to get your cleaning tools ready. You will need large and strong garbage disposable bags, a vacuum cleaner, and a carry-on basket full of cleaning essentials.

Basic Cleaning

Start your basic cleaning by clearing out and emptying your storage space, then do the floors and walls. As you begin cleaning, you will need to declutter before you can start organizing your things. You can divide your things into three categories:

  • Retain
  • Trash out
  • Sell or Donate


It is often difficult for some to emotionally detach from things you own. You will need to question yourself if you will ever use it again or when was the last time you used the item. If you still have a hard time, you can then seek help from a friend to assist you by taking an objective look at the items.  Once you are settled with what you have decided to retain, you can then move forward and start the garage organization process.

Utilize racks, pegboards and other storage tools to keep your shed tidy.
Utilize racks, pegboards and other storage tools to keep your shed tidy.


Since there are so many items stored in the garage, you will need to start assembling items of the same category. Create different groups like hardware tools, gardening tools, carpentry supplies, car supplies, sports equipment, beach stuff, etc. Once you have everything sorted out, you can then begin to start evaluating your space for each of the zones.

There are various kinds of organizing equipment available in today’s market to help you create more space for your things and keep it tidier. Your garage may look like it doesn’t have much space, but think outside the box, and you will find ways to make it more spacious.

Several garage organization companies aid homeowners. They offer creative and efficient storage solutions by providing various methods, tools, and equipment to help in maintaining a more tidy and organized space for yourself.

You can install shelves, pegboards, racks, cabinets, wall hangings, or even decide to go vertical by getting an overhead storage facility or any other solution that you choose to proceed with. If your concern is the fear of overhead storage crashing down, do not be worried.

Storage Ideas

Garage systems have about 1000 lbs capacity for shelving and 750 lbs capacity for top overhead units.

If you own a bicycle, it generally takes up a lot of space. However, with various bike storage methods and neat garage ideas available, you can store your cycle in such a way that you avoid any damage to it and save an ample amount of space. For example, you can use garage organization hooks or a pulley system to store your bicycle securely.

This Ski Dowel Rack is made from high quality Pine and is left unfinished.
This Ski Dowel Rack is made from high quality Pine and is left unfinished.

Besides wall hooks and pulley systems, you can have racks to store baskets of other items. Multiple shelves fixed on the walls can also help you save space by placing your items on them. The type of containers used for storage matters the most. Wicker, rubber, or plastic baskets, or canvas bags can be great. Avoid using cardboard as much as possible, as it can attract mold when wet and invite bugs and pests.

Motorized ceiling storages are a great new trend for storing numerous things neatly without disturbing your space below. Like a pulley, the motorized ceiling storage system makes placing and removing items overhead very safe. The advantage is the higher capacity capability. In addition, it is equipped for large items like ladders, bicycles, kayaks, and multiple heavy-duty storage bins. 

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