Printing Plans

Thank you for purchasing building plans from Jamaica Cottage Shop.

We value your patronage and want to provide you the best possible user experience. This includes providing your plans instantly upon purchase.

Where can I find my plans?

You can find the link to your plans in a few places. First you can find the link in the confirmation / receipt email that was sent to your inbox. Please note that you must be logged into your Jamaica Cottage Shop account to access the online plans.

You can also find the download link on your “My Account” portal. To access your my account portal, click “My Account” from the top menu of the Jamaica Cottage Shop website. Once you are logged in you will find your available downloads at the top of the page.

How to Print Your Blueprint Plans:

1) Open the desired plans from the provided links.

2) Find the document menu at the bottom of the window.

Menu Button

3) Click the “Printer” / “Print” icon on the document menu


4) In the popup menu, set you print options.


5) Click “Print”

[toggle title=”Important Note for Google Chrome Users” opened=”no” ]

Google Chrome limits printing pages from the JCS document viewer to no more than 30 pages at a time.


To print a full set of plans, simply use the “Select Pages” option, then print the first 30 pages, and then print the remaining 30 pages.



[toggle title=”What is the expiration date of the plans?” opened=”no” ]

Once you purchase the plans you will have 7 days to login and print the plans. In addition to the expression date, you may access the plans no more than 5 times. You can see the remaining number of downloads / print on your “My Account” portal.


[toggle title=”Can I download the plans to my computer?” opened=”no” ]

No. Unfortunately we do not allow you to download the plans to your computer. However you may print the plans by accessing the document viewer, and clicking the “print” icon on the bottom menu. Please see “Print Instructions” above for more information on how to do this.


[toggle title=”System Requirements” opened=”no” ]

Operating System:

Windows XP or greater;

OSX 10.7.x or greater;


Google Chrome Version 40+; 

Firefox Version 34+;

Internet Explorer Version 10+;

Safari Version 7+;

Adobe Flash Enabled

Cookies and Javascript Enabled

Note on Mobile Devices:

While the plans may be viewed from a mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet, printing requires a computer with access to a printer.