Basic Versus Standard Run-Ins

Photo courtesy of the Newfoundland Pony Conservancy.

As you’ve been browsing our website you might have noticed that we offer two different styles of Run-Ins: Basic and Standard. To the untrained eye, both livestock shelters look pretty much identical. But each design comes with its list of strengths, appropriate for different functions.
Long story short, the Run-In Basic is a stripped-down option with affordability in mind and the Run-In Standard comes with some bells and whistles to hold up to more wear and tear. For those that love details, we walk through the features that make these three-sided structures so special.


For those looking for a simple, floorless, three-sided structure, the Run-In Basic is great. This stripped-down shed is ideal for housing small vehicles like snowmobiles, ATVs, and motorcycles. Smaller animals like goats and sheep might enjoy this structure too. Firewood could also be stacked inside this shed.

If you plan on housing horses or want to be able to drag your Run-In around a pasture, go with the Run-In Standard. It is a bit beefed up to account for the extra wear and tear that will happen at a horse ranch. This build is geared towards any animals that are likely to kick. So if you want some shade for your cows and mules pick the standard for them too.

The Not-so-Basic Base

First off both buildings come with a pressure-treated sill plate instead of a floor system. You might be wondering why? When housing livestock keeping a wooden floor clean can be a hassle, which is why a dirt floor is easier to maintain. You can shovel animal poop and left-over food out quickly, without having to scrub wooden floors. The treated lumber means the building can sit directly on the ground while maintaining its structural integrity.

Additionally, the Run-In Standard comes with heavy-duty steel corner brackets. To drag the structure around your field, chain these brackets to your tractor or backhoe. This is handy when you want your horses to mow down different areas of your pasture so you can grow crops in other parts.

A Basic Run-In upgraded to have log-cabin siding and a charcoal gray metal roof.

Snazzy Siding

To keep costs down we build the Run-In Basic with our fabulous Eastern White Pine Board siding. The Run-In Standard also has pine board siding but is upgraded to include battens. Battens are those thin strips of pine that cover the gaps between the siding boards, often seen on classic New England barns. They cut back on wind, snow, and rain from entering the interior.

If you want a different style of siding, we offer multiple types when you order a Run-In Standard. We think the log cabin siding would look pretty cool on this building.

Can You Kick It?

A sturdy kick plate is included with this design to protect the integrity of the barn

Inside the Run-In Basic, you will see the framing, siding, and metal roof. That’s it. The Run-In Standard gets a three-foot-high kick plate. As mentioned in the beginning, you really want to get the Standard option when providing shelter for kicking animals. The 1-inch-thick hemlock kickplate protects the siding from damage. Plus, the hemlock boards are very easy to replace if they do get karate chopped by flying hooves, ensuring your building will live a long life.

A Remarkable Roof

The Run-In Standard comes with our classic Evergreen corrugated metal roof as the default. When getting this deluxe livestock shelter you also have the option to upgrade to a different roof color or pick from architectural asphalt shingles, Western Red Cedar shingles or shakes, or Clear Poly panels.

With the Run-In Basic, you receive the budget-friendly unpainted galvalume metal roof. For a fee, you can upgrade to a different color or opt for the Clear Poly panels. Keeping the options simple helps us keep pricing down so we can offer you savings.


Both of these designs offer features that are useful to different people for various reasons. Those who need a stripped-down, three-sided storage solution that is economical, should pick the Run-In Basic. The Run-In Standard offers bulked-up siding with battens, a painted roof, steel corner brackets, and a kickplate. These structural differences mean that the Standard option holds up longer when used to house larger, kicking animals. Additionally, the Run-In standard can be styled to your specifications with custom roofing and siding, giving your animals a deluxe shelter.

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