Last updated 7.14.17

A printable Scratch-n-Dent list can be found here.

The following Scratch-n-Dent list is comprised of structures used for display purposes, cancelled orders, trade-ins, carpenter mistakes and may/not show signs of weathering. Simply put, it’s our current inventory offered at our rock-bottom discount price. Images may contain windows, doors and other options/upgrades not included in the standard design option and pricing. See our website for more details or call a Cottage Associate today (866) 297-3760 for a current image of the item you’re interested in.

Scratch-n-Dent items are first come, first serve. Most scratch-n-dent buildings are eligible for financing.

Please contact us toll free (866) 297-3760 for help ordering.

Octagon Picnic Table

Octagon Picnic Table


3×5 Garbage Bin

4×4 Outhouse Shed

4x8 Woodbin - Display Model

4×8 Woodbin

6×8 LG Nantucket B

6×12 Nantucket

6×14 Woodbin

8×8 LG Vermonter

8×8 LG New Yorker

8x14 New Yorker - custom clearance shed

8×14 New Yorker w/ Battens & Windows

10x10 Vermonter - Affordable utility shed for sale

10×10 Vermonter

10x14 Basic Run In - Exterior

10×14 Basic Run In

Insulated 10x16 Pond House

10×16 Insulated Pond House

12×14 Writers Haven

12×20 Sugar Shack – Decorative Cupola


14×40 Xylia

Wood and Concrete Park Bench

Park Bench

4×4 Wishing Well

4×8 Decorative Cupola

4x10 Hardware Shed - Clearance display model

4×10 Hardware Shed

6×8 Greenhouse

6×12 LG Nantucket

8×10 LG Vermonter

8x10 New Yorker Option B with evergreen roof

8×10 LG New Yorker

8×12 New Yorker A with Battens

8×16 Casa Picolo

10×12 LG New Yorker

10×14 LG Vermonter

10×14 New Yorker A Log Siding

10×16 Sugar Shack

12×16 Home Office

14×20 LG Barn


2×4 Garden Closet

4×4 Working Outhouse

4x8 Hearthstone - Holds one cord of wood

4×8 Hearthstone

6×8 Nantucket

6x8 Nantucket

6×8 LG Nantucket B – Custom

6x14 Weekender

6×14 Weekender

6x14 Woodbin - custom exterior

6×14 Woodbin – Brandywine roof, clapboard

8×12 LG Vermonter


8×12 LG New Yorker B

8×16 Bunk House

10×14 LG New Yorker

10x14 Insulated Florida Room

10×14 Florida Room Insulated

10×14 Camp Alcove

12x12 Love Nest - Exterior

12×12 Love Nest

12×16 Hip Roof Frame

14x30 Gibraltar - custom exterior

14×30 Gibraltar

Pre-Cut Kits

10×10 New Yorker Kit

14×20 One Bay Garage – No Millwork

No windows, no doors, no vent

16×20 Vermont Cottage C

20×40 Vermont Cabin

20×30 Frame Only Kit