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Featured Build: Garden Shed

8x12 Nook post and beam cabin with clapboard siding, asphalt shingle roof and porch railing.
This 8×12 Nook has been modified to have an asphalt shingle roof, clapboard pine siding and porch railing. The door has been painted a coral orangish color

Our post and beam Garden Shed is a tidy little build that is ideal for a variety of uses, almost too many to count! First, it was designed with gardeners in mind of course. The small footprint creates a dedicated space for storing tools, potting soil, pots, watering cans and seeds, all protected from the outdoors until you are ready to get to work. Best of all the small porch offers a nice place to relax and enjoy bees and hummingbirds pollinating all the flowers you just grew. Others have used this small backyard shed for work, living, and entertaining.

Set up a desk and chair for an instant backyard office, or install closet rods along each wall, along with shelving and a counter and you will have a tiny vending booth. Or decorate the interior with plush easy chairs, side tables, artwork from local artists, and a bookshelf with your favorite books, knick-knacks and/or beverages for a cozy she shed or backyard bar. Another popular use for this tiny build is to set it along side a lake or pond as a rustic getaway or hunting cabin. Or order a Tiny House on Wheels, which is essentially the Garden Shed installed on a trailer with porch railing.

Here are some examples of how some of our customers utilized their Garden Sheds:

A Beautiful Cedar Retreat

This cedar sided shed was set on top of a gravel pad foundation option
Our fantastic delivery driver Victor brought this beautiful custom cedar shingle build to its new home!

One of our customers had us custom build her Garden Shed with White Pine Cedar siding. This siding option is stunning and a staple in New England architecture, especially in coastal areas where the salty sea air can be harsh on pine lumber. Cedar has natural resilience to certain climates and repels many pests, and it looks gorgeous. Our delivery driver enjoyed delivering her she shed to this spot because of the stunning scenery.

Here is what she had to say about her shed and delivery:

“We are very happy with our shed!  Just wanted to let you know what a gem you have in Victor, your employee who installed our shed at its final landing pad.  He was helpful, kind, courteous, and showed good judgment in what was possible and not possible with our site.  And he was very good at maneuvering the building through tight spots.  In short, he did an excellent job. 

Thank you, also, to everyone at JCS for great work in producing a beautiful shed!”

We are sure our customer is going to spend many years enjoying her backyard in her sweet, tiny retreat that she can call her own.

A Head Start in Gardening

One obstacle that many of our customers in New England, the Midwest, Northern US and Canada face in their gardening adventures is long and brutal winters. This can take away from time in the garden, so getting ahead of the curve so you can efficiently plant away once the warm weather begins is smart. A greenhouse is one of the best ways to achieve this. While we have a design that is already set up as a greenhouse, you might prefer the style of our Garden Shed with its little, covered porch that allows you to work inside and out. That is no problem!

You can instantly transform this shed into a sun-filled room by upgrading to the ClearPoly roofing option when you order. Consider ordering with a treated sill plate instead of a floor system so watering plants will not damage any wood. You can also install a workbench and shelving to increase usable workspace. Finally install more windows if you want maximum sun to enter the building so your seedlings can flourish and be ready to be planted as soon as spring arrives.

Portable Boutique

This 8x16 Garden Shed was converted into a tiny store that sells vintage clothing.
8×16 Garden Shed, built as a THOW, being used as a vending booth to sell vintage clothing.

If you are selling your wares at fairs, music festivals, or on the street there might not be any better way than using a portable building, whether you have a building on skids that you bring in on a trailer, or a building permanently installed on wheels. Think about it. You can save yourself from set up and tear down each day that you are working long, exhausting days, often in very hot weather. If you are at a festival that lasts a few days all you would need to do is lock up the building for the night and your goods will be safe and sound.

You might even be able to save money and set up a cot at night instead of getting a hotel room. Then when the next event happens, you will not need to set up again, everything is ready to go. Several of our customers have used the garden shed design as a vintage clothing shop, gift shop, food vending space, or an arts and crafts store for events, or on their farms. With the right fixtures everything you need will be close by. Add a solar package and you will be able to light up your space for your customers to easily see everything you have to offer. And don’t forget to use the porch to display signage and a few teaser items to entice customers to shop.

Backyard Getaway

8x12 Nook post and beam cabin sitting next to an octagon picnic table and solar shed
A popular modification is upgrading the skids, floor joists and decking to pressure treated for added protection

I have a relative who owns a small horse ranch with lots of acreage. She often hosts our family reunions where we camp out in the summer. I have thought about ordering one of the Garden Shed kits and building one on her land so when I do visit all I need to bring is a sleeping bag and an air mattress for several nights of comfortable sleep. It would be fun to hang out on the porch during the festivities. Since I would not be using it very often, she could offer it as a guest house to visitors when I am not around, so it could be a win-win for both of us.

you have a large backyard, or extra land, this building is great for use as small camping shelters for family gatherings. You could also earn income by renting them out if you own a campground or through sites like airbnb. Some people love the outdoors, but do not enjoy the hassle of setting up a tent or feel much more comfortable being sheltered from wildlife with wooden walls instead of thin fabric. Place it near waterfront, halfway up a mountain, or deep in the woods for the ultimate outdoorsy retreat.

Now that you have seen some of the ways our creative customers have used our Garden Shed tell us how you would like to use yours!

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