Vermont Cottage C Plans

Choose from three different cottage design plans and three different sizes. Option A includes a four-foot porch on the bearing wall, Option B has no porch and Option C has a four by sixteen-foot porch on the gable end. All three options include a loft.

A free materials list can be downloaded here for comparison of purchasing the materials locally.



This charming one-room cottage with a loft is a wonderful addition to your backyard as a pool house, guesthouse, workshop, or artist studio retreat. The loft space allows for added storage of seasonal items and/or a sleeping area. With more room and character than a yurt, the Vermont cottage beckons onlookers to investigate, and welcomes individuals to venture within.

Hand made in Vermont, from native rough sawn hemlock and pine lumber, the package includes all fastening hardware, metal roofing, and step-by-step plans necessary for assembly. Rugged post and beam techniques passed down through the centuries are at the foundation of this sturdy, picturesque retreat reminiscent of old New England. Have your own “Vermont cabin in the woods” in your backyard.

The 16×20 Vermont Cottage kit will be delivered curb side by common carrier. It is recommended to have helpers on hand to unload. The kit is geared for those with beginner carpentry skills, and basic carpentry tools are required. Technical support is provided via our toll-free support line. The kit takes approximately two people forty hours to assemble. Step-by-step plans may be purchased separately as well.

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