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Steel Frame with Axles

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Availability: Steel Frames with Axels are currently only available for specialty custom projects. If you are looking to purchase a building on a steel frame, please contact us!

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These Steel Frames with Axles offer a 12’ wide flat steel base to build on with supportive bars acting as joists, placed roughly 16” OC. Locally sourced, these impressive frames are constructed from a heavy-duty 8-foot wide rectangle of steel with 2-foot long wings welded on either side. The front includes a tongue with a hitch for hauling using a 2” ball. The wheels are attached to axles instead of directly to the frame like a trailer.

These steel frames make the perfect solid foundation for a longer fully assembled project to be delivered to you. We highly recommend this base for any fully -assembled structure measuring 30’ or longer and we require it for structures 40’ long. Although it’s possible to use the axle and wheel to move structures on these frames,  please note, they are not intended for regular or frequent transport.


Setting your tiny home on a steel frame with axles can have a lot of advantages. They are great options for longer buildings that need to be delivered fully assembled. These frames provide excellent sturdy support the length of the building, ensuring it can be transported to your site safely. Constructed of heavy-duty steel with supportive bars acting as joists, the frames make great bases for our structures. Although these frames technically come with an axel and wheel for transport, they are not intended to be moved regularly. It can be possible, however, to use these features to relocate the structure again in its lifetime. Structures built on these frames can be great solutions if you’re building a large home on a lot of land and want a small home on-site during the build, or other situations where a move could be possible in the future. While planning for your tiny home or small structure, you may find your area requires less permitting and restrictions for “temporary structures. Be sure to check during your planning phase, the decision to build on a steel frame and keep the axle and wheel attached could affect whether or not your building is considered “temporary” by your local ordinance.


The frame is constructed out of a heavy-duty 8-foot rectangle of steel, with supportive bars acting as joists. 2-foot long wings are welded on either side of the rectangle to provide support for the additional width of the building. The front includes a tongue with a hitch for attaching to a vehicle for hauling. The wheels are attached to axles instead of directly to the frame like they would with a trailer.


  • When moving a 12-foot-wide building you will need to obtain wide load permits for each state you travel through. In some states police escorts might be required as well.
  • Steel frames with axles do not include VIN numbers.
  • Rear traffic lights are not built into the steel frame.


  • When moving a building wider than 102”, you will need to consider your route and what permits are required for each state you travel through. In some states police escorts may be required as well.
  • Steel frames with axles do not include titles or VIN numbers.
  • The steel frame does not have lights or wiring built into it.
  • This steel frame is intended to be a base for a 12-14’ wide fully assembled projects. It may be possible to purchase separately, for best transport in that scenario, the side wings would remain separate pieces. They will not be welded on, this would be the responsibility of the client after the trailer has been picked up or delivered.
  • Rules and Restrictions put in place by your town or local ordinance may exist for certain types of foundations. If your town or HOA does not allow buildings on wheels or has specific requirements for these structures, that is information you’ll need to gather and consider from the beginning stages of your project planning. It is possible to remove the axles from these steel frames after delivery, but that is not a task our delivery drivers are generally equipped to perform on delivery.


Although these steel frames with axles are quite solid, if you’re looking for a structure to take on the road often, we recommend a Tiny House Trailer.

Tiny House Trailers come titled, they have vin #s and lights. Tiny House Trailers are built specifically for being on the move more often and are designed to support a structure that meets DOT width limit 102”.

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