Work to Live or Live to Work

8x16 Custom Tiny House on Wheels with Cross Gable Roofline

The customization shown on this tiny house include a cross gable roof line, insulated windows and insulated door, porch railing and a solar panel.

Tiny House Village Now Accepting Applications Wow! That is what we want to hear. A tiny house village where folks with their own tiny houses can come and park and live with like minded individuals. Fill out an application and stay for the season or build your own tiny home and join the tiny home communities year round. So many people are looking for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow seeking the existence to enjoy life rather than working to live.

A healthy work balance is necessary to look back and see your successes and set your achievements. If you are living pay check to pay check what would you like to see different? You either have the money or the time and rarely do you enjoy having both together.

Save your soul, take control and set life goals of both freedom from the daily grind and seek a work schedule that works for you. Easier said than done. Unfortunately, limited space exists to enjoy this philosophy. There is a formula that is emerging that will yield to the need of affordable living. An understanding coming up in future generations that will carve through the gray areas of current red tape zoning bureaucracy and generate the freedom so many of us seek. A space among individuals that will allow creativity and ability for life achievements.

I personally do not have the answers however I have taken an ultra-realistic thinking to human existence eating, sleeping, shitting and fucking. We all must overcome these needs to survive. Once these daily survival needs are met we are free to explore and grow.