Vertical Storage Solutions

When storage space in your garage, closet, or shed is scarce, you need to make the most of every inch available. Vertical storage solutions are often the go-to solution. Choosing which vertical storage solution is right for your needs will depend on your space, and what you plan on storing. With the right know-how and a little elbow grease, you can easily optimize your storage shed or organize your garage to make it more efficient and tidy.

Peg Board

Peg board used for vertical storage in a garage
Peg boards are great for workshops, because they store your tools at eye level. Photo by Cottonbro Studio

A classic organization and storage solution for garages and workspaces, pegboard offers numerous benefits and is an excellent storage solution. It allows you to efficiently store and display tools, craft supplies, kitchen utensils, or any items with hanging capabilities. If ease of access is a priority, pegboards are a good option for you. They allow you to quickly locate and retrieve items without rummaging through cluttered drawers or shelves. Pegboard storage  promotes a neat and orderly environment, reducing time wasted searching for misplaced objects. Additionally, pegboards promote customization and flexibility, as you can easily rearrange hooks, shelves, and other accessories to accommodate changing needs. This adaptability ensures that your storage system grows with your collection or organizational requirements. One downside to pegboard is that it is not ideal for storing extremely heavy or extremely bulky items. These are better stored in systems with more support. Overall, organizing with pegboard enhances efficiency, saves space, and creates a visually appealing and functional storage solution for various settings.

To install a pegboard, start by measuring the area where you want to mount it and purchase a pegboard panel of the appropriate size. Next, gather the necessary tools, including a drill, screws, wall anchors (if needed), a level, and a pencil. Begin by holding the pegboard against the wall in the desired position, ensuring it is level. Mark the corners and key points on the wall with a pencil. If your wall is made of drywall, use wall anchors to provide additional support. Pre-drill holes at the marked points, aligning them with the holes on the pegboard. Then, hold the pegboard against the wall again and insert screws through the holes, tightening them with a screwdriver or drill. Work your way around the panel, securing all screws until the pegboard is firmly attached to the wall. Finally, add pegboard hooks, shelves, or other accessories as desired, and you’re ready to organize and display your tools and other items efficiently on your newly installed pegboard.

Modular Shelves

Wall mounted modular vertical storage for your garage
A wall mounted modular system with shelves, hooks, and holders. Photo by Duffy / CC

If you like the adaptability of peg boards, but are looking for a vertical storage system that can hold larger items, you might consider installing modular shelves in your garage or shed.  Modular shelf storage provides a versatile and customizable solution for organizing and storing items efficiently. These shelves are designed with interchangeable components that can be easily assembled, disassembled, and reconfigured to suit specific needs. The modular nature of these shelves allows for easy expansion or reduction in size, making them adaptable to various spaces and evolving storage requirements. They offer flexibility in adjusting shelf heights and configurations to accommodate items of different sizes and shapes.

Modular shelves often come with additional accessories such as dividers, bins, and hooks, further enhancing their functionality and organization capabilities. With modular shelf storage, you can create a tailored storage system that maximizes space, promotes accessibility, and keeps your items neatly arranged and easily accessible. One downside of modular shelving is that you often will need to purchase the components of a system from a single company or brand. This may make finding replacement parts or new modules difficult in the future.

How you install your modular shelves will depend on what kind of system you end up using. Many systems are based on a wall-mounted bracket that you attach the shelving units to. These wall-mounted portions can typically be installed with basic tools, such as an electric drill, a level, a measuring tape, and a marking pencil. Drilling into concrete or brick may require you to buy a specialized drill bit. There are some modular shelving systems that are free-standing, which are a better choice for renters who don’t want to make too many changes to their properties.

Ceiling and Overhead Storage

A garage with a loft is a great way to make the most of vertical storage. However, not every building comes with built-in overhead storage. If your shed, garage, or other storage area has a high ceiling, you can install an overhead storage system. Overhead storage provides an efficient way to stash items that are bulky and used infrequently. These storage solutions typically consist of sturdy racks or platforms that are mounted to the ceiling, allowing you to safely store items such as seasonal decorations, camping gear, sports equipment, and other large or bulky items.

Overhead storage frees up valuable floor space, creating a more functional and clutter-free garage environment. It also helps protect your belongings from potential damage caused by moisture, pests, or accidental bumps or spills. Additionally, many overhead storage systems offer adjustable height options and customizable configurations to accommodate different spaces and storage needs. Overhead storage systems can usually be purchased as units from specialized manufacturers, and they’ll come with instructions for proper and safe installation.

Bike Racks

Hanging Bike Rack Storage
Hanging bike racks save space and create visual appeal. Photo by Mali Maeder

The amount of floor space that a family’s bicycles take up can consume a considerable amount of your garage or shed. One very easy way to free up storage space and make the most of your vertical storage is to install a hanging bike rack. By suspending the bikes vertically from the ceiling or wall, a hanging bike rack keeps them off the ground and out of the way, allowing you to utilize the remaining space for other purposes. Elevating your bike for storage can also protect it from potential damage. By keeping them suspended, you can prevent scratches, dents, and other marks that may occur when bikes are stacked together or leaned against each other.

Using a hanging bike rack also provides easy accessibility. You can quickly and conveniently retrieve your bike without having to move other bikes or objects out of the way. This makes it particularly useful for daily bike commuters or avid cyclists who need frequent access to their bikes. Finally, a hanging bike rack adds a visually appealing element to your storage area, not only making your storage area tidier, but by putting your bike on display. Some people like the way their bike looks when hung up and will even install these vertical racks inside their homes. You can purchase bike racks, but if you are a more crafty individual, there are many DIY bike rack tutorials you can find online.

Turning a Wooden Pallet into Storage

It’s natural to just lean your garden tools against the wall for storage. But often times they’ll slip, slide, and fall over while being stored. This can potentially break the tool, or damage other items in the vicinity – you wouldn’t want to have a heavy shovel falling on your car! You can make a cheap vertical storage solution for these tools almost instantly using an old pallet! Simply flip the pallet on its side, and put your tools with long handles in the top, and you’ve got a very easy and affordable way to keep your rakes, shovels, and other tools from falling over. You can customize this storage solution easily and with basic supplies. Add wood dividers to make compartments for different tools. Or cut away some parts of the pallet to make grabbing your tools a little easier. You can even paint the pallet to match your other storage solutions. Here’s a handy guide to turning a wooden pallet into an organizer for your lawn tools.


An organized storage space is one that will keep your belongings in good condition, and prevent frustration and annoyance. Whether your storage space is small or large, maximizing it by using vertical storage solutions will help you manage clutter and stay tidy. We hope our ideas for adding storage to your garage or shed inspire you to make your space more functional and aesthetically pleasing. Maybe you’ll come up with a creative storage idea of your own. Go forth and get organized!

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