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For Confirming your Delivery Information!

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Now that your delivery date is confirmed be sure that the path to your site is free of any obstacles and that your foundation is prepared. It is best to get this done before the delivery date. Obstacles in the delivery path could result in overage fees.

Why You Should Prepare Your Site Before Delivery
Example of un-assembled pre-cut shed kits


While You are Waiting

If you have purchased a pre-cut Kit you can log into your account to view your do-it-yourself building instructions. Your plans contain helpful information such as site preparation guidelines for your specific design and a cut list that is used for taking inventory. It isn’t a bad idea to get acquainted with each step of the building process before the kit arrives.

We thank you for your purchase and we hope it will be a welcome addition to your home for many years to come!

    Assembly instructions and paperwork will be on the outside of the kit. Save these important documents.

    The kit is strapped to a pallet which is not part of the kit — it can sit directly on the ground, be forked, pulled or pushed. The pallet is shrink wrapped with weights and shipping labels posted to it.
    Your kit will arrive in a breathable netting that can remain on the materials until you are ready to build. The best way to store your kit is in a garage or under metal roofing. The kits should be allowed to breathe. Wrapping or tarping them in plastic increases the risk of mold, decay, and damage to the lumber. The kit should be kept out of high humidity and be allowed to vent.
    Do not allow snow to sit on top of your kit. Kits are weather resistant but not weather-proof and can sit outside for up to ten days. Past ten days it needs to be under cover. Both rain and sunshine can cause damage to your kit—in warm weather, evaporation can cause moisture to get trapped in the lumber. It is best to keep your kit dry and well ventilated.

IF YOU ARE GETTING A TIMBER FRAME KIT:  Please note that deliveries of Timber Frame Kits differ from other, smaller kits that we deliver. A Timber Frame Kit comes in various bundle sizes and weights. These bundles are not shrink wrapped and do not come on pallets. It is suggested that you have bunks to set the bundles of material on, so they do not sit directly on the ground.

This kit will come on a 72’ truck and trailer combo. We will need to be able to park off the traveled roadway safely. JCS has its own equipment to offload the truck. We will need a minimum width of 18’ to accommodate our offloading equipment, consisting of a small forklift. There is a 2-hour window allowed for offloading, anything after that is $250/hour charged in 15-minute increments.


  • Delivery Conditions
    It is the customer’s responsibility to decide if ground conditions are unsuitable for delivery, as our delivery equipment is very heavy.

    Jamaica Cottage Shop, Inc. is not responsible for lawn, in-ground sprinkler system, buried tank or landscape feature damage that may be caused by delivery equipment due to unsuitable delivery conditions.

    Shipping rates may apply if site preparation is not complete, or if access to the site is obstructed or inaccessible.
  • Delivery Time
    We expect your delivery to take less than two hours. However, more complicated deliveries require extra time.

    Deliveries that take more than three hours are subject to a $250/hr charge, billed in increments of 15 minutes. In order to avoid extra costs during delivery, make sure to properly prepare your site.
  • Scheduled Deliveries
    Scheduled Delivery Dates are not guarantees and you should prepare with flexibility. Deliveries may be postponed for reasons including, but not limited to, equipment failure, back-ordered items, weather, etc. If you have any questions or concerns about the status of your project or delivery, please contact our Logistics Department at 802-366-3022.

    Jamaica Cottage Shop, Inc is not responsible for any accrued fees from 3rd parties due to postponement of any project. Be sure to review more details regarding delivery scheduling and completion in our Terms & Conditions.

    Note: Most orders do have deadlines to receive. If you postpone or reschedule your delivery beyond this date, your delivery may be subject to additional fees.
  • Weather
    In winter weather, we ask that the truck path as well as the site are to be cleared of snow, and properly salted / sanded. Jamaica Cottage Shop, Inc complies with all federal, state, and local laws regarding the transporting of products and cannot ship if the weather conflicts with any laws.
  • Free Shipping
    The Free Shipping stipulation (for pre-cut kits) remains in effect for all reasons including (but not limited to) the inability to ship due to bad weather or any other acts of God or if the site preparation is not complete.

    Additionally, shipping rates apply if the access to the site is inaccessible or obstructed for any reason. The only exception is Jamaica Cottage Shop, Inc fault due to unforeseeable circumstances such as truck and/or equipment failure at which time the delivery can be rescheduled at no charge.
  • Remaining Balance
    Please note that if there is a remaining balance due, payment shall be processed before delivery of product. If there is a credit card on file, this will be charged the morning of delivery. If payment cannot be processed the client will be contacted to make payment in full before delivery can be completed. Please let us know if you would like to pay via check or cash and we will not charge the credit card on file. Check or cash are due to driver upon delivery.
  • Warranty Information
    Jamaica Cottage Shop, Inc. protects clients by guaranteeing all products with a 2-year warranty plan. We encourage you to learn more by reading our warranty page.
  • Delivery Cancelation
    All wide load cancelations within 48 hours of confirmed delivery date will incur a $100/re-permit fee for each permit required. Wide load transportation permits must be ordered days in advance to be sure the load is ready for transport. Therefore if the delivery is canceled within 48 business hours of transporting new permits must be ordered as they are only valid for a single trip.