Sugar Shacks & Sugaring Houses: the Company that makes the DIY Plans, Prefabricated Kits and Fully Assembled Buildings. by Kim Rak

I wondered how many companies make sugar shack buildings. A quick google search didn’t answer my question. Is there really only one company selling a comprehensive selection of this classic building? Seems so.

Jamaica Cottage Shop, in picturesque Southern Vermont, has quietly been building an extensive inventory of homesteading buildings for 20 plus years now. The sugar shacks they have available, are no exception. I counted no less than eight sizes for their Do It Yourself building plans (which are available for the modest price of only $50), eleven sizes for their prefabricated kits (with a multitude of options available) which, by the way, are shipped free (What? FREE?) (yes indeed.). Eleven sizes for fully assembled buildings (with a similar amazing shipping plan), and looked at a number of wonderful pics that showed custom sugar house design is something they also do on a regular basis too.

10x16 Sugar Shack - Custom Exterior, post and beam shed plans

Jamaica Cottage Shop’s 10’ x 16’ Sugar Shack with optional overhang

12x16 Custom Sugar Shack - Exterior, post and beam shed plans

Jamaica Cottage Shop’s 12’ x 16’ Sugar House from a prefabricated kit. This design was customized with a sliding barn door and a built-in woodbin for firewood storage.

assembly-of-cupola-post-and-beam-sugar-shack-part, prefab shed kits

A working cupola being built at Jamaica Cottage Shops 70,000 sq.ft factory

Clearly the sugaring industry is thriving and well.

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