Storage Tips for Tiny Home Living

Storage Tips for Tiny Home Living

Checking off storage requirements can help make tiny home living an attractive choice. Homeowners can enjoy smaller bills when going tiny and downsize their carbon footprint. However, storage is often a concern for those thinking of making the transition to a tiny home. What should individuals do to make the most of the storage potential in a tiny home?

These storage ideas and tips can improve storage possibilities in a tiny home.

Plan Ahead

Talk to designers prior to the start of construction. As space can be limited when compared to a full-sized home, discussions with tiny home designers can help them understand more about a family’s priorities and specific storage needs. Storage needs may vary when a home is used as a part-time getaway or must meet the needs of full-time living. Homeowners that need a tiny home to also offer space for a workshop, playroom or home office should talk to their designer before construction begins to make sure that tiny home works around a new owner’s specific requirements. If you’ve been living in your home for some time, don’t worry—a storage upgrade is a common improvement project for homeowners to make as one accumulates more stuff they’d prefer to keep.

Know What is a Need

Consider wants versus needs and how storage requirements are impacted. After creating three categories for items: essentials, non-essentials and shared items, begin to eliminate the non-essentials and pare down the other possessions. Storage can then be designed around the items most important to a tiny home owner.

The Potential of the Everyday

Take on the challenge of selecting and customizing furniture to meet multiple purposes, including that of home storage. Create storage with movable step stools/coffee tables and sofa boxes that can serve as storage containers. In addition to shelves and closets, use space under the bed to store away blankets, off-season clothing and other bedding and decorate with, rather than store, important gear. Watching popular tiny living home shows can help future tiny home owners get more ideas on how to store their most important items.

Look Up for More Storage

Look above to find more space for storage in a container home. If owners are pressed for additional space, feel free to go vertical. Storage cabinets and shelves can be built and attached near the ceiling for items not used daily. Look high and low to find underused spaces that can serve as functional storage spaces for occupants of a tiny home.

More Storage Ideas

According to the Tiny House Blog, there are a number of ways to improve storage in a tiny home. Linda Merrill, interior designer and writer, talks about using wire shelves for storage in a kitchen or basement, installing custom built drawers under a staircase, adding functional basket storage, or attaching a metal rod and S-hooks for more storage in kitchen cabinets and closets. Wooden boxes with lids can also be upholstered and be used for storage and additional seating.

Tiny Living Storage Solutions

Jamaica Cottage Shop tiny living experts assist owners in designing and outfitting a tiny home with affordable storage solutions to fit a specific lifestyle. Review tiny house plans and tiny houses on wheels to see how design is integrated into a tiny home. Check out storage and furnishings for the parts needed to customize storage in a tiny home. Contact the Jamaica Cottage Shop at 802.297.3760 to get help with storage or tiny home design today.

By: Preston Guyton
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