8x10 Vermonter - Custom Exterior
8x10 Vermonter - Custom exterior8x10 Vermonter - Custom exterior8x8 Vermonter - Exterior8x10 Vermonter - Interior8x8 Vermonter - Exterior8x8 Vermonter - Interior8x10 Vermonter - Custom Exterior8x10 Vermotner - Custom exterior8x10 Vermonter - Custom exterior8x12 Vermonter - Custom exterior8x12 Vermonter - Custom exterior8x12 Vermonter - Exterior8x10 Vermonter - Exterior8x Vermonter - Custom Interior8x10 Vermonter - Interior8x Vermonter - Interior8x10 Vermonter - Custom exterior8x10 Vermonter - Exterior8x10 Vermonter - Custom Exterior8x8 Vermonter - Interior8x10 Vermonter - Custom exterior8x10 Vermonter - Exterior8x10 Vermonter - Custom Interior8x12 Vermonter - Custom InteriorLG Vermonter - with galvalume roof and stock pine siding8x8 Vermonter - Scratch-n-Dent utility shed8x12 LG Vermonter8x8 LG Vermonter - autumn red roof and pine tongue & groove siding8x10 LG Vermonter8x8 Vermonter Shed - custom exterior8x8 Vermonter - customized shed build8x10 Vermonter - custom exterior8x10 Vermonter - custom exterior8x10 Vermonter with overhang.8x18 Vermonter - custom built exterior

Vermonter Series 8x

From: $3,186.00 From: $939.00

Our most economical storage shed is in stock and ships right away. Choose your eight-foot-wide post and beam shed from lengths to twenty feet long. The Vermonter has the double doors on the gable end where the water does not drip off the roof. Purchase the Vermonter design in three different forms. As do-it-yourself plans, as a complete precut kit (PCK) where all materials are color coded, part numbered and stacked in order, or as a fully assembled project (FA). FA projects ship in the north east USA. Display sell offs can be found here.
Pre Cut Kits ship Free to the continental USA + Eastern Canada. Once your delivery address is confirmed with logistics, a shipping date will be scheduled.
• Save an additional $299 by picking up your kit at the Vermont factory. Call for details.
• Special offer pricing ends soon. Discounts begin at two or more identical projects shipped to the same address at the same time. See complete price list or call a cottage associate now.
• Pay over time with easy financing terms, choose low monthly payments in the shopping cart.
• A free materials list can be downloaded here for comparison of purchasing the materials locally.
• See tabs below for detailed specifications including weight, assembly time and video walk through.
Popular Options:
2×2 six light true divided barn sash window
4×8 Decorative Cupola
• Siding: Add battens
• Wood louvered vent
• 6’ wide overhang to match length
• Floor system: Increase storage capacity 16″ on center joists
• See more options here.
Shipping disclosures can be found here.
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10x New Yorker – 10’-6” Overall Height

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Product Description

Jamaica Cottage Shop has designed a building to compete with the pre-fabricated tinker toy sheds found at franchise home supply super stores. We are pleased to offer this popular post and beam design. The 5’0” double doors are large enough to fit a riding lawn mower, ATV, or a couple motorcycles. The versatile 8 x 10 storage shed has been used in many ways from general storage to a play house or turned into a great little potting shed tucked away by the garden. No Plywood is used in the Vermonter. It is built the same way they have been for centuries with native Vermont Lumber.

Rugged post and beam techniques passed down through the centuries are being applied to pre cut and notch this storage shed kit into a sturdy picturesque outbuilding reminiscent of old New England. The storage shed kits for sale is hand made with rough sawn hemlock and pine lumber, the package includes all fastening hardware, metal roofing and step by step plans.

The 8×10 shed kit is designed for a novice wood worker with basic skills. Technical support is provided via our toll free support line. The outdoor storage shed kits take approxi- mately twenty hours to assemble. Step by step cottage plans may be purchased separately which include a material shopping list to provide your own rough cut lumber. The cottage kit in the picture has been  stained and customized with red cedar shingle roofing.

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