Pine step stool - made in the USA Pine step stool - made in the USA

Pine Step Stool

$28.99 $28.11

Versatile unfinished wood step stool handmade in Vermont with high-quality pine.

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Made in Vermont from high-quality, unfinished pine, this versatile step stool is a great addition to any house with children. It’s a must have in kid’s bedrooms, bathrooms, and in the kitchen. These unfinished stools are great for indoor and outdoor use. They make perfect playhouse or clubhouse furniture.

These unfinished wooden step stools come fully assembled using smart, sturdy construction. All edges are rounded and sanded for comfortable and safe use.

With a rustic look, these short wooden step stools will fit in well in your cabin, farmhouse or cottage.


Overall dimensions: 12” W x 7” H x 7” D.


Product #: 12.PSTOOL

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