Swinging Towel Rack

Made in the USA from high-quality pine, this versatile drying rack is perfect for hanging everything from dish towels and cheesecloth to yarn and herbs. Use in the kitchen for quick and convenient clean up or use in the closet as a handy belt or tie holder. This swing arm dish towel rack is an ideal small storage solution for your apartment, tiny house or bathroom.

Each dowel arm is free swinging for rapid drying and convenient storage when not in use. Simply attach the swing arm kitchen towel rack by the base to a wall or counter. Stash the dowels flat or swing them out for use. 

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Wooden towel rack made in the USA from high-quality, unfinished pine.

Each Dowel is ¾” in diameter and 12” long.

Dowels are attached by a 3” wooden pin to a 2.5” x 3” base.

The base of this swing arm towel rack comes with two pre-drilled holes for easy mounting (hardware not included).


3-Arm Towel Rack Product #: 12.DTRACK

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