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Spring Fling Sale

Steel Ground Shed Anchor

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Steel Ground Anchor. These anchors can be used to anchor sheds, greenhouses, or other outbuildings to the ground, securing them from high winds or storms. You can also use them for your barbeque grill, trashcans, playgrounds equipment or swing sets. Secure your antennas or wind turbines.


These storage shed anchors are multi-functional and great for areas with harsh weather conditions. Use the Universal ground anchor to attach the skids to the ground at each point where a skid rests on a block. The skid anchors must be placed onto the skids prior to the floor system being installed. Create a loop with the skid anchor and slide it over the skid. Position skid anchors at each contact point. Pull the anchor cable tight. Use a metal stake and drive the arrow end of the anchor into the ground, when pulled, the arrow and stake will turn horizontal in the ground and catch. The Ground Anchors can be driven through the hardest soils and even Asphalt.  Ideal when anchoring outdoor sheds in soil or paved areas, lawn decorations, lawn furniture etc. can also be discreetly anchored to prevent theft or protection against the wind.

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