Bag Drying Rack

Pine drying rack for plastic bags, handmade in Vermont for your earth conscious home.

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One (1) 7-dowel Plastic Bag Drying Rack measuring 13” high.  Dowels are 1/4” in diameter and 11” long, snuggly attached to a 1” high wooden base that is 6” in diameter. Each dowel of the plastic bag rack is topped by a 1” wooden ball. Dowel spread is 9”.   Each dowel arm acts as a handy location to dry your Ziploc sandwich baggies or other lightweight materials. Quit wasting money buying plastic snack bags and just rinse and reuse them instead. Made in the USA from high-quality pine, this eco-friendly plastic bag drying rack is perfect reducing clutter and waste in your kitchen. Dry your Ziploc bags, bottle, or small rags with a Plastic Bag Dryer on your countertop. With a rustic, wooden look, it will fit in well in you cabin, farmhouse or cottage. Add stain or paint to match with your décor. Treat this plastic bag dryer with a wood preservative before use.


Dimensions: 13″ H x 10″ W


Product #: 13.BAGRACK