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Pellet Storage Bins

Handmade by Vermont craftsmen this wood pellet storage bin is made with high quality eastern white pine and durable black hardware.  The bin is great for a variety of uses including storage of blankets, boots, kids toys and of course works great to store bulk wood pellets in a clean and organized way. Designed to hold six 40 pound bags of wood pellet fuel.  The solid wood tongue and groove material will compliment any pellet stove. This large storage bin is also ideal as a children’s toy box, storage hope chest, linen storage cabinet, or boot box.

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Product Description

Our wood pellet storage bins are made from tongue and groove pine boards and attractive strap hinges with a hammered finish, these sturdy pellet bins can double as a bench seat or coffee table. Special lid stay hardware is included to ensure that the cover remains propped up unassisted for safety and ease of use. The wooden handles on each side make it easy to move.

With a rustic and primitive look, this wood pellet storage containers will compliment your cabin, farmhouse, or cottage and provide neat and tidy storage for 5 bags of wood pellets. Add stain or paint to match with your décor. Treat it with a wood preservative for outdoor use. Or have the kids paint it their own unique way.

This Ready-to-Assemble pellet storage bin arrives flat packed in panels with the necessary fastening materials provided. Step-by-Step instructions are also included. Estimated time for completion is less than an hour.

For exterior use as patio cushion storage or as a sweater and blanket hideaway we recommend ordering the storage bin in Cedar.

Overall dimensions: 19” L x 36” W x 20.5” D
Interior dimensions: 16 ½” L x 34 3/8” W x 19 5/8” D
Weight: 45lbs



Additional Information

Wood Type

Cedar, Pine

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