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Outhouse Shed

Shell Fully Assembled

$ 2,332

Complete with the classic quarter moon cutout design in the door, this adorable little shed is reminiscent of old-time outhouses. Perfect for small yards, this petite building is perfect for storing all your lawn and garden tools while requiring minimal space. This unique and charming shed makes for a distinctive accent to any property.

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About this Outhouse Shed

With a lot of charisma and just a little humor, the Outhouse Shed is a classic design that can enhance your yard with the charm of the countryside. Its most distinctive feature is the quarter moon cutout design in the front door. Stories have it that the emblematic quarter moon cutout in the Outhouse door dates to Europe in the 1500’s, where men’s toilets were marked with a symbol of the sun, and women’s were marked with the moon. The design was popularized in the media through western films, which always showed outhouses with a crescent moon.

This is one of our best sheds for yards where space is at a premium. With a footprint of only 4’x4′, you can fit the Outhouse Shed in even the smallest of yards. We recommend installing shelves or hooks inside, to make the most of the ample vertical space in this design. Store lawn chairs, gardening essentials, skis or other sports equipment, or your children’s toys. We promise you’ll never grow tired of looking at this lovely shed’s cheerful moon door! If you are looking to turn this into a proper outhouse, we suggest having a look at our Working Outhouse, which comes with added features that make it an ideal outdoor restroom.

Choose Your Format
The Outhouse Shed comes in one size and is offered as a complete shell kit with do-it-yourself instructions. If you happen to be within 300 miles of our factory in Londonderry, Vermont, we can also ship this shed to you fully assembled.

The Complete Shell – With this package you get everything needed to set up an uninsulated building. A floor system, wall and roof framing, siding, a metal roof, and a single pine door with this package.

Each of our buildings comes with default options that match our specifications. However, if you want to personalize your purchase, we have made that process a breeze. As you go through each step, you’ll be able to customize your shed. Oodles of options exist to style your Outhouse Shed just the way you’d like. We offer many all-natural pine and cedar siding options. Roofing choices include corrugated metal, Western Red Cedar shingles or shakes, and architectural asphalt shingles.

Our buildings are built to withstand harsh New England weather but offer options to increase its durability. This building defaults to joists and rafters placed at 24” on center, but you could upgrade to 16” on center to increase weight ratings, which may be useful if you plan to use this for storing heavy objects. If your building site is placed in a damp area you might also consider opting for treated skids, or a completely treated floor system to enhance weatherproofing.

Recommended Add Ons
• Steel Shed Anchors are wrapped around your skids, then the triangular head is hammered into the ground. They provide some additional stability, which is great if you are building in a windy area.
• Termite Shields are placed on your foundation’s concrete blocks or piers before you start building. They deter termites from crawling on your building.




Complete Shell

The complete shell package boasts the full, weather tight, un-insulated envelope of this design.

Depending on the floor plan and design, Complete Shell Packages frequently include doors and windows. Options for upgrading these features may be available in the configurator below.

Each design has a default set of specifications. You can configure your project to your needs below!


Fully Assembled Buildings

Fully assembled prefabricated sheds and cottage buildings deliver exclusively to the northeast USA. If you don’t see the floor plan you’re looking for give us a call! Fully assembled projects are largely customizable and we’d be happy to work with you to meet your design needs.



download spec sheet
  • Building Footprint:
    16 (sqft)
  • Recommended Foundation:
    3–4″ Crushed Gravel
  • Overall Dimension:
    4’10″W x4’10″L x8’6″H
Floorplan, Doors & Windows
The floorplan(s) in the configurator below show the rough openings included and which doors and/or windows fit.
To add doors/windows not listed, additional lumber and modifications may be required.
Floor System
  • Base:
    (2) 4x4x4′ Skids (Option for No Floor—Sub Treated Sills)
  • Floor Joists:
    2×4″ rough sawn Hemlock Joists 24″ On Center (Option to Upgrade)
  • Floor Weight Rating:
    10 lbs/sqft. (Option to Upgrade)
  • Floor Decking:
    1″ rough sawn Hemlock Decking (Options to Upgrade)
  • Wall Framing:
    4×4″ Hemlock Post and Beam Wall Framing
  • Wall Height:
  • Siding Material:
    1″ rough sawn Pine Board & Batten (Options Available)
  • Trim:
    1″ rough sawn Pine Corner, Door & Fascia Trim
  • Roof Style:
  • Roof Pitch:
  • Rafters:
    2×4″ rough sawn Hemlock Rafters 24″ OC (Options to Upgrade)
  • Roof Features:
    1×6″ rough sawn Hemlock Exposed Collar Ties
Fully Assembled Buildings:
  • Site Prep:
    Recommended foundation: 3–4″ Crushed Gravel

    Read More about Site Prep

  • Clearing the Path:
    The overall dimensions of your building are roughly 4’10″W x4’10″L x8’6″H.
    A 1′ additional clearance on each side (left, right, and above) is required on the path.
  • Installation:
    Expect a delivery window of approximately 4 hours and for the installation to take up to 2 hours.
  • Shipping:
    Fully Assembled projects can be shipped within 300 miles from our factory to qualifying sites with adequate access.
  • Delivery:
    Buildings that arrive fully assembled are delivered by our in-house team. We have a 3 hour time limit for deliveries. We can only deliver your building to a site that is properly prepared. Our skilled delivery drivers will help you place your new cottage exactly where you want it!


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