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New Yorker

Shell Pre-Cut Kit

$ 4,189

The New Yorker is an affordable backyard shed design that has two vertical feet over the Vermonter. A Loft and shelving can be added to increase storage space. Upgrading the floor system with pressure treated options will fortify the base.

About this New Yorker

This spacious backyard storage shed offers wall heights that are a little over 7-feet tall. Take advantage of all of that vertical space by installing shelving, hanging racks, or a storage loft to the wall framing. Heavy-duty double pine doors and a treated ramp, provide easy access for all of your wheeled equipment. Plus, this shed is built with our post and beam framing constructed out of rough sawn hemlock lumber.

As an uninsulated shell this building is perfect for your usual storage shed but can be so much more. Workshop, livestock shelter, deluxe playhouse, patio storage and more. Or get this building fully or partially insulated for round year usage. Style it with a multitude of roofing, siding, and flooring options too.

Choose Your Size & Type

Start by choosing your size and preferred format. We offer complete shells, 3-season, and 4-season structures as pre-cut kits. Fully assembled builds are available to customers whose building sites are located within 300 miles of our factory.

Pick from the following:

Complete Shell – With this package you get everything needed to set up an uninsulated shell. Floor system, wall and roof framing, siding, a metal roof, door, and windows come with this package. Order a shell if you need a garden shed, farm stand, or small barn for goats or sheep.

3-Season –This package includes an insulated floor, wall and roof vapor barrier, and solid pine roof sheathing in addition to everything that comes with the shell. If you want to insulate later on, or just need comfort spring through fall, then this is a good option.

4-Season – Get comfort year-round with our fully insulated option. The floor and roof are insulated with fiberglass insulation and vapor barrier. The walls get rigid foam board insulation. Then, the interior is finished off with shiplap pine ceiling and wall sheathing. Additionally, an insulated door is included.


Each type of building comes with default options that match our specifications. However, if you want to personalize your building, we have made that process a breeze. As you go through each step, you’ll be able to pick and choose which options you want.

Strengthen – Our buildings are built to withstand harsh New England weather but offer options to increase its durability. This building defaults to joists and rafters placed at 24” on center, but you could upgrade to 16” on center to increase weight ratings. If your building site is placed in a damp area you might also consider opting for treated skids, or a completely treated floor system.

Personalize – Oodles of options exist to fashion your storage shed or cottage just the way you’d like. We offer many all-natural pine and cedar siding options. Roofing choices include corrugated metal, Western Red Cedar shingles or shakes, and architectural asphalt shingles. Or bring in extra sunshine with a clear poly roof.

Want something different from the pine board siding and metal roof look? We’ve seen this shed completely decked out in Western Red Cedar Shingles for the siding and roofing, and that looks pretty fabulous. Pine tongue and groove floor decking would enhance the interior style dramatically.

Recommended Add-Ons

Steel Shed Anchors are wrapped around your skids, then the triangular head is hammered into the ground. They provide some additional stability, which is great if your building site is located in a windy area.

Termite Shields are placed on your foundation’s concrete blocks or piers before you start building. They deter termites from crawling on your building.

4×8 Cupola – this structural add-on provides architectural interest to this somewhat plain shed, by transforming it into a sugar shack style building.




Complete Shell

The complete shell package boasts the full, weather tight, un-insulated envelope of this design.

Depending on the floor plan and design, Complete Shell Packages frequently include doors and windows. Options for upgrading these features may be available in the configurator below.

Each design has a default set of specifications. You can configure your project to your needs below!


Pre-Cut Kits

Our Pre-Cut Kits ship nationwide and contain everything you need to build one of our fabulous designs. JCS has solved all the headaches of finding the correct angles and the aggravation of starting from scratch. The kit is well laid out. The detailed step-by-step format of the plans, complimented by the color coded cut list and exploded view, make assembly of this kit a fun and satisfying project. The organization, plans and thought that have gone into the preparation of our cottage kits will result in a quality finished product. 

Basic carpentry hand tools will be needed with our precut lumber packages. Our tech support staff is incredibly helpful.



download spec sheet
  • Building Footprint:
    120 (sqft)
  • Recommended Foundation:
    4–6″ Crushed Gravel
  • Overall Dimension:
    10’6″W x 12’6″L x 10’6″H
Floorplan, Doors & Windows
The floorplan(s) in the configurator below show the rough openings included and which doors and/or windows fit.
To add doors/windows not listed, additional lumber and modifications may be required.
Floor System
  • Base:
    (2) 4x6x12′ Skids (Option for No Floor—Sub Treated Sills)
  • Floor Joists:
    2×4″ rough sawn Hemlock Joists 24″ On Center (Option to Upgrade)
  • Floor Weight Rating:
    10 lbs/sqft. (Option to Upgrade)
  • Floor Decking:
    1″ rough sawn Hemlock Floor Decking (Options to Upgrade)
  • Wall Framing:
    4×4″ Hemlock Post and Beam Wall Framing
  • Wall Height:
  • Siding Material:
    1″ rough sawn Pine Board (Options Available)
  • Trim:
    1″ rough sawn Pine Corner, Door & Fascia Trim
  • Roof Style:
  • Roof Pitch:
  • Rafters:
    2×4″ rough sawn Hemlock Rafters 24″ OC (Options to Upgrade)
  • Roof Features:
    1×6″ rough sawn Hemlock Exposed Collar Ties
Pre-Cut Kit Information
  • Shipping:
    Pre-Cut Kits ship free nationwide! When delivered more than 300 miles from our factory, your kit will likely come via 3rd party freight. You will need to have a forklift onsite to unload your kit.
  • Delivery:
    On delivery day, there must be a place off the public roads for the delivery vehicle to park. Kits weighing less than 3000 lbs may be unloaded by hand. Heavier kits mus be unloaded with equipment. As you are offloading, do not lose the labels on the kit – these are instructions for assembly!


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