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Roof Screws

Screws are 1 1/2” long with a completely threaded shank and a 1/8” metal/rubber washer painted in color is included. These painted screws come in a variety of colors to match your metal roofing. They are coarsely threaded for easy installation. Dual metal and rubber washer creates a self-sealing finish.



This bag of one hundred (100) 1.5” x .25″ Galvanized Roofing Screws for Corrugated Metal Roofing can be ordered in your color of choice to match your roofing material. Perfect for attaching a durable, corrugated metal roof to your barn, shed, farmhouse, chalet, cabin, or cottage, the total length of this screw is 1-5/8” from head to tip. The painted hex head requires a quarter inch drive with a head height of 3/16”. This package of 100 screws will be 8-1/2” x 5-1/2” x 1-1/2”, weighing 10 oz and shipping via USPS. Painted roofing screws may come with slight variations. Some Screws may come with a painted shank, others may come with a silver zinc shank.

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Regal White, Roman Blue, Clay, Ivory, Surrey Beige, Patrician Bronze, Ash Gray, Light Stone, Autumn Red, Matte Black, Tudor Brown, Charcoal, Terratone, Evergreen, Brandywine, Hartford Green, Patina Green, Copper Penny, Brite Red, Silver Galvanized

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