4x6 Gable - Exterior
4x6 Gable - Winter sports storage4x6 Gable - exterior4x6 Gable Shed - exterior4x6 Gable -Exterior4x6 Gable - exterior4x6 Gable - exterior4x6 Gable - interior4x6 Gable - Exterior4x6 Gable - Exterior4x6 Gable Shed - Exterior4x6 Gable - small garden shed interior

Utility Shed

The Gable shed comes standard with a set of pine double doors (see spec. sheet).
Deep enough to step inside, this cottage will house garbage, recyclables, general storage or a hobby. With some organization bicycles could be hung. shelving and hooks added for additional storage. A ramp is included if you want it, push mowers will roll right in.

View Specification Sheet (6×4) View Specification Sheet (8×4)

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Product Description

4x6 Gable Shed - Floor PlanThe Gable is a no frills storage building, strong enough to handle harsh New England weather and every day use. A beefy heavy duty shed with hefty 2×6 full-dimensioned hemlock floor and roof framing, this building features attractive trim details and a generous roof over- hang that offers better protection from the elements. Standard with a pressure treated ramp this structure is aesthetically pleasing as well as utilitarian.

With 24 sq./ft. of usable space, the shed has plenty of room for both his and her needs. Works perfectly as a garbage storage shed, garden tool storage shed and many more options.

Product# FA_4x6gbl, FA_4x8gbl

View Specification Sheet (6x4)

View Specification Sheet (8x4)

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