8x Basic Run In Plans

The Basic horse run in shed kits offer added protection to pastured horses from wind, rain, snow, and summer sun. Picture this attractive run in shed for horses out in your green rolling pasture. The sturdy rugged horse barn is designed for all of your livestock needs with years of heavy use.

A free materials list can be downloaded here for comparison of purchasing the materials locally.



 Hand made in Vermont, from true 4×4 dimensional native rough sawn hemlock and pine lumber, the Horse Shed kits include all fastening hardware, metal roofing and step-by-step plans. The interior rear wall height is over six feet tall, the front opening head clearance height is over seven feet. This horse shelter for sale is not designed to be moved.

Locate the shed on a site with good drainage so the horses do not stand in muck and dirty water. Avoid placing the horse run in shelter shed in a low spot or at the bottom of a hill where water can accumulate. Place the shed so the open side is opposite the direction from prevailing winds, to provide shelter against cold arctic winds. Situate the shed out in the open, not under large trees that could be toppled by winds or ice.

Consider approaching the shed with a vehicle; place it in an easy and convenient location so feed, a farrier or a veterinarian may access the site. Footing inside the shed should be dry and cleanable. We recommend the horse sheds for sale sit on a level compacted crushed stone base 3 – 4 inches deep. Once the building is in place, lay rubber matting on top of the stone and add a bed of wood shavings, straw, or saw dust.

Is your horse anxiously waiting for a warm, dry place to seek shelter from the next storm? Order quality horse shelter kits, horse shelter plans or prefab run in sheds from Jamaica Cottage Shop today!

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