24″ Pine Spice Rack

Made in the USA from high quality pine.
Overall dimensions: 24” W x 12” H x 2.75” D
Width of interior shelves: 22.25”
Unfinished wood spice rack has two equally sized shelves for storing items no wider than 2.75” and no taller than 5”.

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Made in the USA from high-quality, unfinished pine, this versatile large spice rack is a great addition to any kitchen. Attach the spice rack to the wall and free up space in your counters and drawers. Why not use this wood spice rack in the bathroom to organize toiletries or in the craft or hobby room? Install on the inside of your cupboard to save even more space.

This wall mount spice rack comes fully assembled using smart, sturdy construction. All edges are rounded and sanded for comfortable use. The light weight battens keep your items securely in place.

With a rustic look, this small spice rack wall mount will fit well in your cabin, farmhouse or cottage. Add stain or paint to match this wood spice shelf with your décor. Treat it with a wood preservative for outdoor use.  Looking for something not as large? Check out our small spice rack!

Product #: 24.SPRACK

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  • Versatile small wooden spice rack for your cottage, shed, or cabin. Cozy unfinished pine look, handmade in the USA.