20x30 Cabin - Custom Exterior

20x Vermont Cabin Plans

The very popular Vermont Cabin is built with beefy 8×8 mortise and tenon joinery. Purchase the design to do it yourself with our 20×30 & 20×40 cabin plans or as a complete precut kit (PCK) where all materials are color coded, part numbered and stacked in order. Time to assemble is two people 80 hours.

A free materials list for these timber frame cottage plans can be downloaded here for comparison of purchasing the materials locally.

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Timber Frame is true mortise and tenon joinery, designed to ship as a weather tight dhell the design can also be purchased as a frame only or as a complete kit which includes an insulation package and kiln dried ship lapped pine interior.

Designed to meet tough building standards, our 20× cabin timber frame kit features heavy hemlock 8×8 post & beam framing with old world traditional mortise and tenon joinery. Consider increasing the full upstairs loft by adding dormers to the steep 8/12 pitch gable roof. The timber frame offers endless possibilities for customizations including an 8x shed roof overhang adding additional indoor heated space or outdoor screened porch.  This cabin also comes with a choice of 8’ or 10’ first floor ceiling heights to allow either more room on the first floor or in the loft. The eight foot ceiling height is typically chosen when used as a living space and ten foot option when used as a barn or garage housing equipment or livestock on the lower level. Shed roof overhangs ranging from 4’ to 12’ wide on any or all of the exterior walls can accommodate simple firewood storage, create additional interior square footage, or open covered space. Multiple siding and roofing options ensure your finished cabin can match existing buildings on your property. Because of its size this design is only available as 20×30 & 20×40 cabin plans or as a precut timber frame cottage kit and cannot ship fully assembled.

Consider adding a complete insulation package to turn this quality frame into a cozy four season cabin. The 8×8 post and beam framing members allow ample space to easily install thick insulation with high R-values.  Like all of our cabin building kits, the 20× design features locally sourced, beefy 8×8 hemlock timber frame construction with true mortise and tenon joinery. All of the necessary oak pegs, fastening materials, insulated windows and doors, and Step-by-Step do it yourself plans are included. The eighty page 20×30 & 20×40 cabin plans include full materials list very detailed drawings high lighting each mortise and tenon joint.

This 20× timber frame cottage plan is a large post and beam design that comes with options to create a functional space to suit a variety of needs. This versatile cabin can be set up for cold storage, as a two or three bay garage, as living quarters, as a livestock barn or any combination of. This frame set up is a favorite as a 1,200 square foot cabin or tiny house. As a two bay garage, the space creates room for your cars and workshop. The kit can also be configured into a barn that can shelter horses, cows, goats, and sheep with enough room for tack and grain while the standard full 20x loft makes great hay storage.

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Standard floorplan with a few extra windows.

Example layout of how first floor could be arranged.


Example layout that shows addition of two overhangs, that have been enclosed, for added interior space.

View Specification Sheet (20x30) View Specification Sheet (20x40) View Specification Sheet (Shed Dormer) View Specification Sheet (Stair System) View Specification Sheet (8x30 Overhang)

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