10x New Yorker Plans

Choose your ten-foot-wide post and beam plan for a wooden shed from lengths to twenty-four feet long. Option A includes double doors on the bearing wall and Option B has the double doors on the gable end where the water does not drip off the roof.

A free materials list can be downloaded here for comparison of purchasing the materials locally.

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Option A is built with doors installed on the bearing wall.

The New Yorker design was derived from our Vermonter design.  Like the Vermonter, this building is your basic small garden shed plan. The 5 ft. double doors have been moved to the bearing wall and the overall height has been raised to allow for this change. The shed is perfect to fit your storage needs and cure the over flowing garage. The easiest way to overcome the guesswork to determining the size of a shed required to house your stuff is to gather all of the proposed items that will be sheltered and draw four lines around them. Measure the lines to calculate the desired size.

This outbuilding’s 5’0” double doors are large enough to fit a riding lawn mower, ATV, or a couple motorcycles. The versatile shed has been used in many ways from general storage to a play house or turned into a great little potting shed tucked away by the garden. Our fully assembled New Yorkers are offered standard with the Evergreen metal roof and kiln dried siding.

Option B is built with doors installed on the gable end.

Creating a tranquil space that is dedicated to your hobby and surrounded by things of peace will help endure the test of everyday life. One of the best things you can do for your sanity is to remove your physical self from the everyday routine of daily life. Indulge yourself with a space all your own, a little sanctuary that beckons to be investigated.

No Plywood is used in the New Yorker. These outdoor sheds for sale are built the same way they have been for centuries with native Vermont Lumber. This shed comes in a variety of options. Available in wooden storage shed plans, kits and ready to go prefabricated sheds.

10x10 New Yorker Specifications 10x12 New Yorker Specifications 10x14 New Yorker Specifications 10x16 New Yorker Specifications 10x20 New Yorker Specifications

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