Shed Humor & “Pimping Your Shed”

The Joy of Sheds by Frank HopkinsonFather’s Day book gift ideas from Jamaica Cottage Shop

“The Joy of Sheds” written by Frank Hopkinson

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“A humorous miscellany chronicling man’s need for a small space all his own

A collection of shed facts, shed humor, shed features, shed design, shed maintenance, and more, this witty book covers every aspect of the shed experience. Inventor Trevor Baylis thought up the clockwork radio in a shed, George Bernard Shaw wrote Pygmalion in one, and Dylan Thomas would compose poetry in his. However, the average male does not tend to devote his shed to poetry. Along with a chapter on how to customize one’s shed into an exotic creation—”Pimp Your Shed,” there are plenty of shed facts, such as that almost a fifth of men have had an accident in a shed, making it the single most dangerous place in the home after the kitchen. Another chapter covers the typical items stored in sheds, and “The Genus Shed” places the shed in the Linnaean order of buildings. There are also shed stories from around the world, and a look at sheds in literature (Cold Comfort Farm and Lady Chatterly’s Lover), the movies, and music.”

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