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  • Vermont made wooden single door with a window for your shed or cabin.

  • We absolutely love this look in an entrance way or kitchen. We often use it for day-lighting areas requiring privacy, like bathrooms. Implement this shed transom window on your own or add to your Jamaica Cottage Shop custom build. With your order, you'll get one 3'x 1' window with four (4) true-divided lights. Windows are…

  • We absolutely love this shed transom window look adorning garage doors, sliding glass doors and french doors. Implement these barn sash windows on your own or add it to your Jamaica Cottage Shop custom build. With your order, you'll get one 8'x 1' window with twelve (12) true-divided lights. Divided window panes measure 9"x7". Custom…

  • Round Door

    From: $1,039.50

    The main entrance to any building can reveal much about its inhabitants. Jamaica Cottage Shop’s round wooden door design is for clients who are looking to create an enchanting, attention-grabbing entrance for a treehouse, playhouse, cottage, tiny house, backyard studio, or barn.

  • 16×21 Barn Window

    From: $88.00

    One 16” x 21”  sash window with four, true-divided lights. Windows are framed in high-quality pine and come primed in white  on one side or unprimed. Use options menu to select a fixed window, or a hinged window.  Hinged windows include the mounting hardware.

  • Pine Door


    Vermont made wooden door for your shed or cabin.

  • Arched Door


    A solid, handmade arched door for your shed or cottage.

  • Aluminum termite shield to fortify wooden structures against termite prone areas. The shield is installed between the cement blocks and the skids. It should extend 2” out from the cement block on all sides, then descend on a 45° angle, extending another 2”. This forms a metal barrier that will help prevent termites from building…

  • One-of-a-kind circular stained glass window for your shed or cottage.  

  • 2×2 Barn Window

    From: $163.00

    One 2 x 2 (24” x 24”) barn sash window with 6, true-divided lights. Windows are framed in high-quality pine and come primed in white on one side or unprimed. These barn windows for sale are available fixed or hinged. Hinged windows include all the mounting hardware.

  • 4×2 Barn Window

    From: $219.00

    Handmade 4x2 ft Barn Sash Window, 10 light, ready to install. This split sash window comes primed or unprimed.  

  • 3×2 Barn Window

    From: $192.00

    One 3 x 2 (36” x 24”) window, with 8, true-divided lights. Window is made from high-quality pine and is primed white on one side or unprimed. Windows are available fixed or hinged.  Hinged barn sash windows include all the mounting hardware.

  • 2×4 Barn Window

    From: $219.00

    One, 2 x 4 (24” x 48”) window  with eight true-divided lights. Barn sash window is framed in high-quality pine, and is unprimed. These small windows for sheds are intended to be installed vertically, but they may be installed as sliding windows.  

  • Easy-Change wood combination doors provide the flexibility of quick changing storm and screen door inserts. These wooden storm doors for sale include a screen insert and a glass insert to change with the seasons.  

  • Protect your outbuilding investment simply by adding wooden louvered vents. Wood louvered vents provide ventilation while the screen backing prevents unwanted critters (rodents, birds, bats, etc.) and debris from entering the building. Adequate venting will protect your building from future repairs by dispersing excess heat and preventing buildup of damp stale air in the winter. These…

  • Spring Hinges, 2 pcs

    $9.90 $9.42

    Storm door hinges can be used in right and left side applications and offer full surface coverage for a secure connection from screen door to frame.  

  • Constructed of high-quality, hand-crafted cedar. Includes a plastic insert with drainage plug.  

  • Wooden peg coat rack made in the USA from high quality pine.  

  • Hand-made in Maine from high quality pine, this small wooden bucket can be used to harvest fruits and vegetables, carry gardening tools, or even as a decorative planter.