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  • Use Peanut/Framing screws for interior metal framing. These small screws would be perfect for your next home improvement, shed, or cabin project.

  • Drop Latch

    $15.00 $10.49

    Use this barn door drop latch on your next cabin or shed project to add a touch of rustic flair. These latches are not only aesthetically pleasing, but functional as well. The heavy-duty gate latch is perfect for Dutch or sliding barn doors.

  • These door hinge screws are 1-5/8” in length, have 1” of thread, and are 3/8” across the head for number 2 square drivers.

  • The rugged construction of the decorative door handles are built to stand heavy wear and the strong spring makes for sure latching and a long life. No rivets, no pins, no welds, no chance for a weak connection or accidentally pulling the handle off. The decorative gate handle is adjustable to most door thicknesses 1-1/2”…

  • Green Roof Screws

    $10.00 $8.39

    Screws are 1” long with a completely threaded shank and a 1/8” metal/rubber washer painted in color included. They are coarsely threaded for easy installation. Dual metal and rubber washer creates a self-sealing finish.

  • Blue Roof Screws

    $10.00 $8.39

    These Roman Blue Hex roofing screws are perfect for attaching a durable, corrugated metal roof to your barn, shed, farmhouse, chalet, cabin, or cottage. These metal roofing screws with washers are 1-1/2” long with a completely threaded shank and a 1/8” metal/rubber washer painted in color included. They are coarsely threaded for easy installation. Dual…

  • (1) 20” Heavy-Duty Black Hinge. Wrought Iron Steel, Powder Coated. These heavy-duty hinges measure 20” in length, and include 6, pre-drilled holes. The bolts (6) for mounting, as pictured, are included. Perfect hinge/strap for sheds, barn doors, stalls or gates. Thickness: 1/8" Hinges are rated to hold 125 lbs each.

  • Foot Bolt


    This hardware is commonly used for securing double doors, ensuring that door locked with the foot bolt will safely remain in an open or closed position (depending on installation). The foot bolt is protected by Exterior Weatherguard Coating for long-lasting quality.

  • Steel Ground Anchor.  These anchors can be used to anchor sheds, greenhouses, or other outbuildings to the ground, securing them from high winds or storms.  You can also use them for your barbeque grill, trashcans, playgrounds equipment or swing sets.  Secure your antennas or wind turbines.  Multi-functional and great for areas with harsh weather conditions.

  • One ¼” Nut Driver with magnetic setter made from high quality tool steel to ensure anti-rounding and a long service life. This magnetic nut driver features a sure-grip hex shank for use with quick change and traditional drill-type chucks. Used commonly for installing metal roofing.

  • 8″ Steel T-Hinges

    From: $9.40 From: $8.95

    These heavy-duty T-hinges measure 8” in length, and include 9, pre-drilled holes.  Perfect for shed, barn or screen doors, or use on your tiny house. Individual Hinge: $8.95 Two Hinges: $9.99 Four Hinges: $12.95 Six Hinges: $17.95

  • Door Stop

    From: $4.46

    This aluminum black satin baseboard stop has a 3-1/8” long projection with a 5/8” diameter white rubber bumper.