Hot tub enclosures and saunas built by us – can you handle the heat? Sure, but can you handle the biting winter air immediately after that intense heat? Well yeah, in short spurts, but should you have to? Nope! Never again leave your towels in a crumpled pile only to have the elements get the better of you. You won’t have to ever feel the dread of needing to clear a path in the knee-deep snow before you can even hop into your hot tub. Simply order an overhang alongside your new hot tub enclosure or sauna and add a hanging rack where you can hang your robe for year-round convenience. We make saunas using the finest western red cedar and some of the most efficient insulation, so you have a ton of options in our design catalog. Rid yourself of stiffness and stress by sweating away the negative and do it all from the comfort of home. Soak in the hot tub hakuna matata style while not compromising views from inside your hot tub enclosure. Maybe you’re looking for privacy away from suburb neighbors’ prying eyes? Relax without worry in one of our three-sided DIY outdoor sauna structures. Make sure you ask us about our amazing price match guarantee* and free shipping policies that we offer on select hot tub building products. With a client care team that is extremely knowledgeable and ready to help- we are just a quick phone call away, so please don’t be shy!  Is building it yourself a daunting thought to you? Not to worry, just hire your trusty contractor, or even one of our recommended assemblers. You can select from our scratch and dent inventory or view our list of designs available as fully assembled units’ deliverable in the Northeast! Make sure you ask us about our amazing free shipping offer on select hot tub enclosure kits and products.

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