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  • 2x4 Garbage Bin2x4 Garbage Bin - Pine

    2×4 Garbage Bin

    From: $589.00 From: $399.00

    This tough Vermont Post & Beam can-do container is in stock and ships right away. Flip the lid, toss the trash bags, and away you go. When it’s time to empty the shed just swing out the large double doors and slide the 38 gallon cans out of the shelter. This simple outdoor storage shed…

  • 4x10 Woodbin - Matte black roof4x10 Woodbin - Custom Exterior

    1 Cord Woodshed 4x

    From: $958.00 From: $508.00

    This atractive Vermont Post & Beam firewood storage is in stock and ships right away. Start the wood-burning season off right! Dry cordwood burns cleaner and hotter. The best way to cure firewood is to keep it dry and allow the air to pass through it. This small outdoor firewood storage will enable you to…

  • 4x10 Weekender - custom exterior4x12 Weekender - Exterior

    Weekender 4x

    From: $1,243.00 From: $559.00

    This all-in-one Vermont Post & Beam storage shed is in stock and ships right away. This combined wood and equipment storage shed has it all! Start the wood-burning season off right, dry cordwood burns cleaner and hotter. The best way to cure firewood is to keep it dry and allow the air to pass through…

  • 12x24 Xylia - Custom Exterior12x24 Xylia cottage

    Xylia Cottage

    From: $6,193.00 From: $3,344.00

    This durable delightul Vermont Post & Beam dwelling is in stock and ships right away. The word “Xylia” is Greek, meaning “of the woods.” This picturesque design would look great just about anywhere, especially surrounded by nature. The Xylia (zee-lee-ah) comes standard with a number of windows and a single door making it a perfect…

  • Writers Haven - Studio and Work Space12x14 Writers Haven - Custom Exterior

    Writers Haven

    From: $4,716.00 From: $2,829.00

    This Jamaica Cottage Shop original Vermont Post & Beam beauty is in stock and ships right away. Imagine having your own private Writer’s Haven: a place to be alone with your thoughts. Just as Henry David Thoreau had his cabin on Walden Pond, you can have a sanctuary all your own. With the translucent roofing…

  • 12x20 Gibraltar - Exterior12x20 Gibraltar - Exterior

    Gibraltar Cabin

    From: $7,811.00 From: $3,827.00

    This charming clever Vermont Post & Beam design is in stock and ships right away. The Gibraltar is a clever little design with huge potential. Its undeniable country charm, the Gibraltar comes standard with an eye-catching barrel arch, a front porch, and an interior work bench. The post and beam frame makes this a strong,…

  • 12x20 Sugar Shack - custom exterior12x24 Sugar Shack exterior

    Sugar Shacks 12x

    From: $6,316.00 From: $3,387.00

    This traditional, tough Vermont Post and Beam kit is in stock and ships right away. A traditional New England design, the Sugar Shack Cabin boasts functionality and aesthetic appeal. Sugar Shacks are traditionally used as syrup houses, a designated building to boil maple syrup. In the springtime a large cloud of smoke and steam can be…

  • 12x16 Backyard Retreat - Custom Exterior12x16 Backyard Retreat - Exterior

    Backyard Retreat

    From: $6,591.00 From: $3,296.00

    This cozy Vermont Post & Beam chalet is in stock and ships right away. This little retreat is in a league of its own. Whether you use it for a child’s playhouse, an artist’s studio, road side stand or just a quiet retreat away from the main house, this design stands out above the rest.…

  • Steel Corner Bracket - Black

    One large steel corner bracket for exterior projects. The bracket provides extra support and is designed to create an ideal, no hassle way to move your building project.  

  • Wood Louvered Vent with screen and 1" thick slatsWood Louvered Vent with screen and 1

    Protect your outbuilding investment simply by adding wooden louvered vents. Wood louvered vents provide ventilation while the screen backing prevents unwanted critters (rodents, birds, bats, etc.) and debris from entering the building. Adequate venting will protect your building from future repairs by dispersing excess heat and preventing buildup of damp stale air in the winter. These…

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    4×8 Cupola

    From: $899.00 From: $682.00

    A cupola is a staple of traditional New England sugar shacks.  We offer our 4x8 cupola as both decorative and functional.  While a simple decorative cupola is sure to enhance the look of your barn, shed, or outbuilding, a functional cupola has venting panels that will allow steam to escape from your working sugar shack. With either…

  • While great as a Window Box, the Wood Flower Box can also be used for Railings and Porches.Wooden Cedar Flower Box

    Constructed of high-quality, hand-crafted cedar. Includes a plastic insert with drainage plug.